Governor Rejects Republican Redistricting Map

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HARRISBURG -- Governor Tom Wolf has shot down the new congressional map proposed by Republican lawmakers.

It's not an unexpected development, but one that continues the uncertainty over Pennsylvania's primary election season.

With two days to go before the court imposed February 15 deadline, Governor Wolf wasted no time in rejecting the new congressional map submitted by Republicans in Harrisburg.

On Twitter, the governor said: "Replacing gerrymandered maps with different gerrymandered maps is not the solution. I took a pledge that I would reject any map that is unfair or partisan gerrymandering - and that's what this is. This map clearly seeks to benefit one political party."


Last month, the state supreme court deemed the state's congressional map to be so horribly gerrymandered that it violated the state constitution. The court gave the legislature less than three weeks to come up with a new map for this year.

Just under the deadline on Friday, the GOP, which controls both the state house and senate, submitted a new map for the governor's approval.

Even though the new map makes major changes, the governor says he will not give it his OK.

The Republican leaders in the legislature fired back, saying: "We produced a map that meets the court's order and opinion. It is constitutional and meets the criteria set out by the court of compactness, contiguity, and respecting political subdivisions. With all due respect, your pronouncements are absurd."

So where do we go from here?

There are still two days left before the court's February 15 deadline for a map that both the governor and legislature can agree on.

Republicans have signaled that they're willing to sit down and try again.

If there is no deal by Thursday, the state Supreme Court--which has a Democratic majority --will draw its own map.


  • Open minded bigot :(

    What part of this story is even trustworthy when there is so much information omitted? Scott is the author? That sucks, because I actually enjoy his humor. I guess we all report to our bank accounts that only want to give us back 500 bucks per day if we need some cash to pay bills or set off randomly? This structure is all wrong. We are getting lazy af.

  • matt edwards


  • Nautical Law

    Who is going to win this ‘fight’? Like a bear and a shark are going at it? Shark wins in the ocean, bear wins on land. Politics have this >< much room for the regular mooks like us that work themselves silly to pay the taxes to make greedy people filthy rich. Look at where the money is going. End the state run lotteries and require physicals for Welfare applicants. People will get off their asses and we will see far less of this gerrymandering. Your ancestors fought wars to ensure you a better life.

  • Cowboy

    Democrats want you to keep working so they can get your hard earned money to give to the people that don’t want to work.
    DEMOCRAT WOLF should bring JOB’S in, not more tourism.
    WOLF can color the map anyway he wants, just vote him out, because all you will see is more taxes for his pet pee projects and the school teachers.

  • Irene A

    The district map is important for Congressional reps. Districts are created for representatives to be elected and serve their constituents. No relationship to Presidential votes.Wish more people understood the Govt and agencies and structure of govt. So many don’t. Having said that, my 11th district still goes all the way south which is winding in areas to keep the R votes. Different cultures. It is not that I don’t live around some R’s but reality is that the majority I live around are D’s. I would like to have a chance to have someone who represents the thinking of most who live around me. My current rep is never voting the way I would like them to. Nothing will change with the new map. Still stacked with R counties in the sourthern tier. (11th district) check it out. (District lines do not count in Presidential elections)

    • Consequence

      Living around them D’s has to be *hard*. It was raining D’s the other day and I got hit with an R. Which after I checked my decoder ring was really an L. Thank goodness this is in the hands of the PA Supreme Court for the next 4-6 days. Maybe we should pay more attention to them?

    • matt edwards


  • Invitation Only Crowd

    Seems like ABC has their brainwashed interns working overtime on all of these comment sections. At least they stopped deleting comments like back home in Canada. They are just naive enough to think that most people care about the “like” ratio and not voice their opinions, so they are silenced. Do they have you peeling potatoes in the basement as well kids? Don’t worry, you will get an official Kevin Spacey autograph on a picture of one of Leonard DiCaprio’s private planes that are warming up the globe or you can pick a bus ticket to Newark, Detroit, or Chicago as a consolation prize. This is their bubble.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    The district map was the same when “Barack Obama” won.

    It only became a problem when President Trump won.


  • Shirtless

    Obama won PA in 2012 after this unconstitutional map was done. Should we spend more tax (i.e. YOUR) money for a re-count? Most of us already can see that it would have to either be complacency or forgery for Wolf to get re-elected. I hope that there is more ballot scrutiny that comes of this and voters make their voices heard when the time comes.

    • Shirtless

      These are the same people that said Voter ID’s were racist because minority people couldn’t find the local DMV. That was their actual argument. Right before Hi Liar classified them all as being big fans of hot sauce and cocoa butter. What?

  • 🤔

    I said a week or so ago he would reject it. The previous map favored the dumocrats now it was more equal. This fool needs to go and be replaced by a republican. They actually CARE about the people and what is best for them.

  • Brain Laundry

    If you really look into this it was started by a suit from The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania after Trump won. It has to do with a map that was created done to reflect the 2010 census and went unchallenged in 2011. Now we are seeing it in the news? This doesn’t seem fishy to anybody, like maybe politicians trying to stack the deck in their favor? Seems like Wolf is in on it, but is trying to look like the good guy because he had until Thursday to make a decision. Gotta love how they project their own intentions with buzzwords like “Gerrymandering” when that is exactly what they are after.

  • Phd

    If you read the reported analysis it says – only plan worse than this is the current district map – nice burn Moon Duchin, Ph.D.

  • CW Tucci

    Each person is allowed one vote. No matter where you live you can vote only once. Each vote should count. Cutting areas of the population into districts ignores each individual’s vote.

    • Eddie K.

      Eliminate all districts! Let the state be 1 big district! Let the people vote. Add the votes up and get the winner that way. So simple. Rep or Dem. It doesn’t matter who, at least every vote would count!!!

      • Nautical Law

        Until you find yourself living in a place run by people that tax you for your frugal existence. Think the British Empire. They showed up with guns, which is why we have the 2nd Amendment. If you have never heard that history repeats itself or doubt it? Check out all of the people leaving California to get away from these same practices.

  • Weasel

    “Partisan gerrymandering weakens citizen power, promotes gridlock and stifles meaningful reform”….which is exactly what you are doing Wolfie! What a loser, has done nothing for the good of the people…he needs to be ousted from office at election time.

  • Governor Wolfbait

    Once the steaming Wolfbait is voted out, then it will be easier to accomplish. May as well wait until next year to try and get it passed, stop wasting time and resources now, focus on supporting the alternative candidates for governor.

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