Restaurant Offering Free Food as an Apology After ‘Homophobic’ Posts

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Food and Wings restaurant near Stroudsburg is offering free food Tuesday and Wednesday for customers after the owner posted comments viewed as homophobic on the restaurant's Facebook page.

The controversy started last week after a customer posted a food review on the business's Facebook page.

The Facebook page for Food and Wings has since been deleted and when Newswatch 16 stopped by, employees told us the owner would not be in.

Employees say the free food is the owner's way of apologizing to the community with the hope that they can put this online controversy behind them.

Anyone picking up food or eating in at Food and Wings near Stroudsburg didn't have to pay for their meals on Tuesday.

Logan Hatch, a chef at the place in Stroud Township, says the free food Tuesday and Wednesday is an apology to customers and community members after the owner of the business made what many called hateful comments on the restaurant's Facebook page last week.

"We are doing free lunches for the next two days due to insensitive and homophobic remarks made by the owner on Facebook. I am here to try and mend the situation a little bit," Hatch said.

Hatch says the controversy started last week after a customer posted on the restaurant's Facebook page claiming he found hair in his food.

The owner of Food and Wings replied to the review with comments viewed as homophobic.

The Facebook page has since been deleted, but owner Jason Kishel posted an apology before the page was taken down.

Employees say they don't know if or when the owner will be back in, and Newswatch 16 could not get in touch with him.

Even though the owner has apologized on Facebook and to some of his employees, some customers believe he should be here apologizing in person.

"I don't appreciate what I have been hearing, what the owner has been doing. Honestly, if you have opinions like that, I don't know what you should be doing with it other than don't voice it," said Johnathan Jackson of Bushkill.

"It's bad that the community tries to come together with all the political and everything else that is going on today that one of our business owners end up doing this to anyone really. Hopefully, the guy will change his mind and make a public apology to everyone," said Justin Buckman of Henryville.

"I feel bad for coming in and eating because I don't support it and I wouldn't come back in and pay for more food. I don't believe the actions were correct," said Ryan Gavin of Bartonsville.

Employees at Food and Wings say they plan to give free meals again on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • Robert Paulson

    The majority of commenters in here are a bunch of redneck clowns. Talk about whiners, you ditch diggers can’t handle seeing anything other than mommy kissing daddy. Mind your own, live and let live you bunch of toothless morons.

  • WTH happened to all the normal people?

    Nice people you found to interview. Another reason to steer well clear of Stroudsburg.

  • Sharon

    I just called in regards to their “free lunch” that was suppose to send running until 5, & was told they ran short and won’t be taking anymore free orders.
    Second time within a month I have read a bad review about the owner wrongfully lashing out on customers & am disappointed to see he couldn’t even keep his word when it came to writing his wrongs to the community.
    Never heard of this place previously, & definitely won’t be checking it out now.

    • Jorge Maybe

      Perhaps I missed the memo, but has the owner been prevented from expressing his bigoted opinions? Has he been arrested for hate speech? Oh… no, he has not. Your guised apologist intention within your commentary is obvious.

      • There it is again

        The only overused word in the gay vocabulary besides ‘homophobe’, is ‘bigot’. Well that, and Vaseline.

    • matt edwards


  • laura

    bravo to the owner. they say no publicity is bad publicity. i had never heard of wings and things before but now i have

  • trucker

    WW3 brewing in Syria, Su-25 shot down with a Manpad. Probably funded by the deepstate.
    NSA, CIA and FBI are exposed as a criminal gang.Shredding the Constitution on a daily basis. Even Steven Cohen of
    The Nation is shocked and has to go to RT to be heard.
    But the closest we get to hard news is some guy surrendering to homo-hate.

    • The agenda must go on

      Welcome to the age where it’s guaranteed that someone will be offended by something no matter how well you try to be nice and impartial. Especially with the gays, because their network is better connected and prepared to launch offenses than Hitlers SS, and the leftist media is more than happy to pick up the proganda and call people homophobes. Hell hath no fury like a gay scorned.

  • Mind Control

    FACEBOOK, setting the cultural standards of your future while you sit their and complain about it. ON FACEBOOK!
    That’s funnnnnnny!

  • Seth R.

    Did they go to the nearest Jewish cemetery to push over headstones and maybe leave some bags of rice on their neighbors lawns in their upscale town house development? I am furious! While drinking my box of wine and catching Pokemon… I have a PhD in yo feels. Stop being race car drivers and let people you don’t know into your house . All day long.

  • Powell

    Wow, so many backward ppl in the viewing area. So sad. I’m sure many of you homophobes own your own business and make comments like that. NOT! Ppl can have any views they want, but as a business owner when someone has a legitimate complaint this isn’t how you should handle it. Wake up valley folks!!

  • Great Dividers

    They do write these stories like being different is a curse with all of their virtue signaling. I can almost guarantee that if you hit on Ryan Lecky’s husband you would be going to the emergency room or into a body bag. I can defend myself and I would run away from him if he was mad. That is the truth. Why are we pretending to coddle and create duplicity

      • Great Dividers

        Yeah, I know some pretty tough guys that would not mess with certain characters that have different style home/personal lives. These reporters are idiots for some money driven reasons. They don’t care. Make the owner feel like he has to stay away from most of Stroudsburg and close another small business that are dying off. Gay people are not disabled. They do not need help from the MODERATORS

      • Open minded bigot :(

        That would actually be called a “Sword Fight” or a “Sky Tram” Louie. Get your facts straight. Most of us would put aside those predilections of Dick vs. Dick curiosity and hope for Ryan’s opinion or even an interview about the matter. We know that will not happen.

    • That’s not the gay way

      The gay way is to try to ruin someone’s business and smear their name. Then throw around some overused names like homophobe and bigot to further their cause. After all that, they run to the bleeding heart leftist media to broadcast their woes.

      • Jorge Maybe

        And you exemplify the “bigot way.” Therefore, your commentary is irrelevant. People like you will be marginalized back into obscurity soon enough. You are a shrinking minority. Look on the bright side, once you are relegated into obscurity once more, you will be able to have relations with your cousins without interference.

      • The gay way

        Thanks for proving my point about overused names. The only thing that’s irrelevant is you and all your gay buddies. Do everyone a favor, just keep spreading A.I.D.s around within your network and we’ll watch YOU fade into obscurity. Funny how a monogamous heterosexual couple can’t get it…

      • bobby b.

        I think Hitler was on to something! But instead of killing innocent Jews, he should focused his attentions on gays and trannies, then maybe the world would be a cleaner place!

  • Guess Work

    What did he actually say? I know some gay guys and gals. Many scared people pretend to cater to them even though when they do it this way, there is no love. Really thick skin and messed up senses of humor? Are you people writing this dumbness because you are afraid? Fear is the definition of a ‘phobia’. You journalists write it like gay is a disability and we all have to fight for them. Ever hear of Alexander the Great or Freddy Mercury?

    • Music man

      I loved to listen to Alexander the Great, especially Bohemian Rhapsody and that duet he did with David Bowie.

  • ain'ta or no

    Sad. If he didn’t apologize, I’d have eaten there twice as often. Stand by your values even if others try to turn you into a democrat. Apologize for not agreeing with this community? For what? Just look at the “parts “folks. They don’t go together for a reason. It’s not rocket science. Some thing belong together, some things dont. “Sometimes I feel like any nut, should only be for candy bars”, not men. Oh wait, do I need to give someone free food now or apologize to the unwashed masses?

    • Oh NEPA

      Humans and other animals have been doing it since the beginning of our evolution. It’s nothing new. There are even certain species of crayfish that are all females because they are able to reproduce without males. We evolved to have our parts specifically for procreation, not for fun. Fun is done however we choose! If we don’t want to breed, more power to us!

    • Jorge Maybe

      Hi fascist. Let me guess… you’re white, aging, Trump supporting, and “not racist.” We love it when people like you expose themselves. One more added to the list.

    • Taco Salad

      He is free to speak like that. No one is saying he should be muzzled. He’s not free from consequence of his speech.
      If people want to raise a stink, ask for an apology, or refuse to do business there- that’s awesome. More free speech being exercised.

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