Fire Departments Sharing the Love

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- Two volunteer fire departments in central Pennsylvania are sharing the love this Valentine's Day.

Every year on the week of Valentine's Day, firefighters from South Williamsport sell hundreds of roses along Route 15.

For the past 10 years, firefighters from Avis have been doing the same thing at their fire hall in Clinton County.

South Williamsport's fire department received its shipment of flowers late last week. Over the weekend, the department received a call from firefighters over in Avis because their shipment of flowers was delayed.

"There's only two of us in the area that do a rose sale. That's the only person that we had to rely on," said Kyle Confer, Avis firefighter.

"I told them we could give them a hand and we could give them some roses to get started," Grover Danley, South Williamsport Fire Department.

Danley knew he wanted to help, but there was concern.

"What I really thought about was what am I going to do if I give them my roses," Danley said. "I'll be short for my customers down here."

Danley decided to take the gamble.

Thanks to that support, Avis was able to sell about 30 dozen roses on Monday.

"It got us out of a bind. It helped us out a lot," Confer said.

But the generosity didn't end there. Avis returned the favor after its shipment finally arrived Tuesday morning.

Avis firefighters drove to Lycoming County to make a special delivery of flowers, giving the South Williamsport Fire Department plenty of roses to sell.

"We depend on them when there is a fire. You depend on them when there is a fundraiser. We are always helping each other out," Danley added.

Both the Avis and South Williamsport fire departments will be selling flowers until Valentine's Day or until they run out.

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