Card Skimming Device Found at Ski Lodge in Poconos

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP — A man is accused of stealing credit card information from dozens of people at a ski lodge in the Poconos.

Officers arrested Marius Serban of New York City on Friday.

Investigators say he placed a skimming device on an ATM at Camelback Ski Lodge near Tannersville starting January 19  until early February.

Since then, police believe he stole information from nearly 100 people.


  • jim

    Smart people but to lazy to work and not afraid of the consequences. NO deterrents in our judicial system.
    HARD LABOR now there is a deterrent

  • Steve (@Ifdurgf)

    Think about it. The gov’t allows this sort of thing because it makes them come up with more scams like credit monitoring like Experian and other scams like those pay for services that will protect you like Life lock. We are required every day to prove who we are with please give me your social security number. Its ridiculous, to get a phone, to set up cable… Its all a scare tactic that makes people spend more of their money and giving those politicians that write these bills to “protect” us” when they write bills to make themselves rich. This madness will never stop because no one cares about us just themselves and WE allow it.

  • Cowboy

    New York, New York SONG

    Start spreading the news
    Steeling in the Poconos is easy (tell a friend)
    I want to be a part of it Poconos Poconos
    Your valuables, are mien to spend
    and steps around the heart of it, New York, New York
    I wanna wake up in a city, that doesn’t care
    and find your money in an ATM
    Your small town blues, they’re giving it away
    Go make a brand new start of it, in the Poconos
    You always make it there, you make it anywhere
    It’s up to you, New Yorkers
    Poconos Poconos
    I want to wake up with your money in my hands

  • Boomba

    100 stole identities = 100 FELONIES
    If they actually charged and sentences these thieves with the crimes they committed, 100 FELONIES, maybe the decision to be a thief wouldn’t come so easy to them.
    This thief should never spend a day as a free man after conviction

  • OzzyCoop

    I think scammers and ID thieves deserve longer sentences than the law currently allows. Make the risk really outweigh the reward.

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