Skimming Concern at Bank ATM

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PITTSTON -- We have reported on skimming devices stealing people’s information at stores and gas stations, now there are concerns a bank’s ATM was the target.

People were busy filing fraud reports on Monday morning at the Community Bank on South Main Street in Pittston saying their money was stolen.

The bank is looking into that fraud, which is using customers information to take their money.

Kristin Stella was just one customer who filed a fraud report. She said $1,000 was taken from her account that she did not withdraw.

“I feel violated, I guess, in a sense victimized. I really just want to find out who did this,” Stella said.

Now, bank employees are working to get customers their money back. Stella said she first found out about all this over the weekend when the bank notified her.

“Someone went to take money out from different ATMs, so I stopped into the bank today and there was a skimming device set up on the ATM at this Community Bank in Pittston,” Stella said.

Officials with the bank tell Newswatch 16 that they're looking into these fraudulent transactions and as part of that, they pulled out the ATM that may have had a skimming device on it.

They said no skimmer was found, but it's not uncommon for whoever installed it to take it out within a couple of days.

ATM use is back up and running and bank employees are ready to help anyone who needs it.

“The people inside here, the workers were very helpful so I feel a little bit better about that and knowing that it wasn't just me. There are a lot of people who had been hit by this and it's impacted their lives as well,” Stella said.

Officials with the bank suggest checking your bank statement and stopping in to make a fraud report if you suspect you could be a victim of this scam.


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