Pleasant Valley High School Closed Monday Due to Safety Concern

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BRODHEADSVILLE -- A high school in Monroe County was closed Monday due to a safety concern.

Students at Pleasant Valley High School never made it to class Monday. They were sent home for the day for what officials call safety reasons.

State police told us that it was a bomb threat that forced the shutdown of the school.

According to the district website, school officials received information early Monday of a possible threat at the high school that prompted a closure for safety concerns.

The superintendent says there is no threat to any other school and all schools are safe for students and staff.

Students who were on buses were brought to the district's middle school and then sent home. District officials also advised students who drive themselves not to come to school.

That building will remain closed for the rest of the day while the investigation continues.


  • Safe To Say

    Interesting that days went by without a single “Popular” report listed and, suddenly, this is kept on the page as “popular.” Whomever called the scare in is truly enjoying the scramble that they created, even now.

  • nuliform

    heh..Bomb threats have been going on since i went to school, back in the Dino days…it was Always some wizeazz kid who just didn’t want to go to school that day for various reasons..but now..with these awful things happening at schools…it’s not funny anymore & it Needs to be needs to be a punishable Crime….i am All For Self Autonomy, & Against Official Control….but it seems…the Growing Majority are not Mature enough or Sane enough to be Self Responsible…so..for the Safty of our Children….Something has to be done…& much as i dislike the RR & their mean hateful ways bent on dividing us into oblivion…i have to agree..gun control is not the answer…Mental Health IS…but until that can be remedied(?)…for crying out loud..put Metal Detectors in the dang schools??? Security Guards at every door…treat them like you do your Court Houses..are not your Children worth as much as the lawyers & judges???… Common Sense folks…..Use it!…

  • 🤔

    Heck, I figured out it was a bomb threat when they said they were closed for safety concerns.a+b=c. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

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