Olympics Boost Business

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Gilson Snowboard and Ski Company is one of a small group of snowboard manufacturers in the United States. They're just outside New Berlin.

The chief of operations tells Newswatch 16 this is normally their busiest time of the year. With the Winter Olympics going on, it's even busier.

The Sunbury Ice Rink is a good place to find fans of winter sports. As a group practiced their spins and jumps, the Winter Olympics were a topic of conversation. Amanda Zook has been glued to her TV.

"Love to watch all the different winter sports, especially the snowboarding and all the crazy stunts that they do," Amanda Zook said.

"Curling, I like to watch that. Anything with ice," Tracy Weaver said.

Olympics aren't only for entertainment at Gilson Snowboard and Ski Company near New Berlin. Chief of operations Austin Royer says the winter games give Gilson a boost in business.

"Everybody's watching the Olympics, getting excited about snow sports in general. They come to the store and get their own snowboard," Austin Royer said.

Gilson Snowboard and Ski Company is one of only a few snowboard manufacturers in the U.S. The company from Snyder County gets orders from all over the world.

"Pretty busy. Definitely busy now that winter is here and Olympics are going on," Nick "Jersey" John said.

Right now Gilson is running a promotion for people who live in Pennsylvania, from now until the end of the season.

"Anyone in the Pennsylvania area who buys skis or a snowboard will get a rest of the season pass to Montage or Blue," Royer said.

That's Montage Mountain and Blue Knob Ski Resort.

Gilson Snowboard and Ski Company gives public tours of its manufacturing facility near New Berlin. Royer tells Newswatch 16 there have been more requests for those tours since the Olympics started.

"The middle of the winter, so people are looking to get their new boards and enjoy that snow while it lasts," Royer said.

Gilson Snowboard and Ski Company is currently on a tour of ski resorts across the country, demonstrating products. Interest in that tour is also up during the Winter Olympics.

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