Clarks Summit Olympic Skating Star Shines in South Korea

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- The U.S. took home a bronze medal Sunday night in the figure skating team event and a big part of that was thanks to Adam Rippon's flawless performance and third-place finish.

People in Clarks Summit could not stop talking about Sunday's performance, a performance that certainly made northeastern Pennsylvania proud.

At almost every turn on Routes 6 and 11 in South Abington Township and Clarks Summit are signs supporting Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon. The 28-year-old Clarks Summit native was chosen to represent the United States at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, and after his debut Olympic performance, he is now a medal holder, too.

"Absolutely fantastic that we have a champion," said Sonia Wysochansky. "We have a lot of champions, but at least he is recognized. A lot of our children are very well educated and very well versed in their particular sports and efforts."

Rippon has been working toward this goal since he was a kid. He just missed qualifying for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Now, four years later, business owners and folks around Clarks Summit can't believe this is actually happening.

"Just having somebody from our hometown representing us over in South Korea, it's just a feather in our cap," said Carol Hosier.

Fast forward to Rippon's first performance ever on Olympic ice. It was the men's free skate for the team event. Rippon landed two triple axels.

"Unbelievable," said Woody Wilson. "I'm a Packers fan. I was screaming like the Packers were on."

Rippon's score of 172.98 helped the United States take home a bronze medal in the team event.

Rippon finished behind the skaters from Russia and Canada, both of whom fell during their performances.

Social media and some of his biggest hometown fans were outraged with Rippon's third-place finish. Rippon responded on Good Morning America.

"I think we need to get those people who think I was ripped off on a judging panel immediately!" he laughed.

"I thought he did a great performance. I really don't know the judge's criteria, but I thought he did really well," Wysochansky added.

Adam Rippon still has a shot at winning a gold medal in the individual competition. His next Olympic performance will be this Friday, starting with the short program, and, of course, Clarks Summit and the rest of northeastern Pennsylvania are wishing him luck!


    • SMDH

      Having numerous friends and family who are gay, I don’t care that he is and certainly wouldn’t not root for him because of his sexual preference. Why I won’t root for him is his incessant need to politicize his sexuality. I personally find that offensive. The LGBTQ community has cried, whined, and complained about moderates and conservatives “staying out of our bedroom” so they shouldn’t be offended or surprised when many who find politicization of this issue tremendously distasteful stay away from supporting him and others who put their sexual choices front and center. It should never be about race, ethnicity, or sexual preference. It should be about being an athlete and representing your country and keeping your lifestyle to yourself—something that that LGBTQ community seems to not get.

  • silverfishimperetrix

    Rippon bashed Vice President Pence repeatedly over the false assumption (read: fake news) that he wanted to fund ‘gay conversion therapy’ while he was Governor of Indiana, and now says he won’t visit the White House with the team if they’re asked to go. That, to me, negates how well he skates and how many medals he brings home. He’s just another uninformed liberal using his platform to degrade our duly-elected government, and a black eye to NEPA.

    • Tom

      Donald Trump is a pathologically lying malicious narcissist with no discernible ideological beliefs who simply says whatever he feels will control weak minds. He employs fear, hate and paranoia just like other despots, solely as a means of self promotion and/or enrichment. He’s the pied piper of Fox News fools. Pence is his flunkie, nothing more. In five years you’ll look back on your comment and cringe from embarrassment. Now, however, you’ll likely continue to spew ignorance as you haven’t the wherewithal to see the forest from the trees. In short, you (and others who feel the need to express their myopia on this site) are black eyes on humanity.

      • silverfishimperetrix

        Typical liberal response. All name calling, innuendo, and personal attacks rather than facts. As far as ‘spewing ignorance’ goes, I’m just a piker compared to you.

      • SMDH

        Tom you are long on personal bias and short on scientific evidence to prove your accusations. If you want to bring up pathological liars, certainly you’d have to add Barack Obama and all three of the Clintons to the conversation. The latter are the absolute poster children for all of the issues you mention. As for your comments about Mike Pence, I’d love to see your resume and review your personal history. Perhaps you might share your full name so that we can see your LinkedIn page and read your professional “life story”; your accomplishments, positions held, educational background. I’m guessing you are highly educated based upon your fairly good command of the written word, but your excessively polarized commentary indicates a very closed mind so I’m betting you are a little light in the analytical department so by that measure I’d argue you have one black eye and the other firmly held shut. Cheers :)

      • Pigs would rather die

        Wow, aren’t you the indoctrinated little snowflake. You could easily remove ‘Trump’ from the beginning of your comment and inserted ‘Obama’. I’ve despised homosexuality and the breakdown of the family unit long before Donnie was even in the Little Rascals movie. You speak of humanity-the irony of that is that homosexuals can’t procreate-indicating that it is a disease of the heart, soul, and mind. In the Bible, pigs ran themselves over a cliff after demons entered their bodies. They would rather die than be possessed. Some humans on the other hand, embrace it and call those possessed ‘brave’ and ‘courageous’. Then they try to tell the rest of us that we’re bigots and unkind. I actually feel sorry for your lot – you have no idea the suffering you have coming.

      • Tom

        Top of my head…
        5 draft dodges
        6 bankruptcies
        4000 law suits
        19 sexual accusers
        3 admitted extramarital affairs
        2000 lies since inauguration
        24 officials gone from White House
        28 retiring/resigning Republicans
        4 investigations
        4 indictments
        2 guilty pleas
        3 admitted extramarital affairs

  • Tom

    Adam, if you’re reading these posts please understand that the small-minded, homophobic remarks seen here do NOT represent the vast majority of NEPA; instead, only a very small minority of unhappy bigots. Every region has them, alas. We, the vast majority, are VERY PROUD of you!!!!!! You were absolutely great!!!!

  • trucker

    If he was a heterosexual (ie normal) Trump supporter he would have gotten a Gold medal, and hate mail with white powder.

    • Give it up already

      Only the people that are willing to sell out their souls to be affiliated with someone that’s an embarrassment to the United States.

    • Watching from afar

      It was neither. The story is a MYTH and cannot be proved by science…try again. You must have graduated from the classroom downstairs.

      • Blinded me with science

        Can science prove it didn’t happen? Funny thing about your ‘science’. Time and time again science actually uncovers truths revealed in the Bible that you non-believers try to reason away. Just because you fail to believe doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

      • Blinded me with science

        So explain to us – if homosexuality is so natural and evolution is real – and by the admissions of the gay community that homosexuality has been around for thousands of years – why haven’t they evolved to the point where they can procreate and sustain their kind?

      • 🤔

        You want scientific evidence? Check out Grady McMurtry on the web. It shows proof of the floor in the time of Noah when he built the ark and it disproves ” evolution”.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Bigot squad?

      It doesn’t take long for left wing wnep to gloss over all the other events at the Olympics and place this token on a pedestal either, now did it?


      Where’s the coverage of all the other events?

      And don’t give me that crap of “Oh but he’s from Clarks summit. He’s a local hero!”


      • Writer Girl

        Why shouldn’t they highlight a story about a local who did good? I heard other news reported on the Olympics, even if you didn’t.

      • Watching from afar

        A little envious of us who live up here, Lloyd? I’ll tell you what: go to college, get an education, and perhaps one day you can live up here with us doctors, lawyers, and educated professionals too!!

      • Ripping them apart

        Not all doctors finished top of their class! In fact my gpa was higher and I mean a lot higher then my wife’s and she is a doctor!

    • Cheryl Adamo

      psst… there is not got in my America. Funny how that works isnt it. Thump your bible else ware ya homophobe!

      • All in a name

        Ah yes, the homophobia epithet. If you don’t agree and conform you must be a homophobe. Please, come up with some new material would you?

      • Know God

        If what you were trying to say is ‘There is no God in my America’ then you’ve pretty much answered any questions you have about why America is where it is today. If history is an indicator, we’re destined for the scrap heap like the Romans and Aztecs were. And we have you to thank for it. Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves, along with any veterans that paid the ultimate price. You make me sick.

      • SMDH

        So articulate you are “watching from afar”. Is that language you learned at Abington Heights and the institution of higher learning you attended afterward? Or is it general vernacular from the Abingtons–you know, as you said above, the land of doctors, lawyers, and educated professionals? You earn 5 SMDHs for your mindless drivel and a special star for being so close-minded. Oh wait, it’s ok to be open-minded when it comes to homosexuals and other “disenfranchised” groups, but not so much as you judge people who live a life based on scripture and belief in God? Hypocrite much?

    • Jay

      Leviticus 19:19 “Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.”

      Time to check your underwear drawer Dallas, you can’t cherry pick the parts you’d like to ignore.

      • Cherry picking back at you

        Time for some Bible education. The Old Testament was written before Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Mosaic (Moses) law was to be followed by believers as an act of obedience before God. Jesus’s death and resurrection supersedes Mosiac law, therefore your underwear drawer comment is moot.

      • Cherry picking back at you

        1 Corinthians 6:9. Modern era after Jesus’s death and resurrection. Still a sin, still punishable by death (of the spirit). God’s Word is infallible and passes all cross checks. Homosexuality is a sin, case closed.

  • Blades of glory

    Got to hand it to you WNEP, that had to take A LOT of restraint to not mention the fact that he’s an openly gay Olympian. There’s hope for you yet.

  • Me again

    I’m done trying to figure out if this is Ryan Leckey or not. I think it is. But I do know one thing, if I was a Frackville street roamer, I’d split that young man like a 5 cent penny at a 2 1/2 cent redemption center!

    • idgie

      what a bunch of bible pounding unhappy people.. and gays dont procreate because they are born of hetero ‘normal parents’ like you idiots..hope your brother or sister turns out one..maybe your own child

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