Icy Conditions Causing More Falls

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WILKES-BARRE  -- It can be pretty slippery on some parts of Public Square. Sidewalks all over the place are slick because of the cold and messy weather we've had this week.

Since the beginning of the month, doctors in the Wilkes-Barre area say they're seeing more fall victims than usual.

Rochelle Marsalis was running some errands on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre. She says she's already slipped and fallen this winter outside her home on Northampton Street in the city so now, she's extra careful getting around.

"People need to go where they need to be at and it's really kind of dangerous when it's like this," Marsalis said.

In the emergency room at Geisinger Wyoming Valley in Plains Township, doctors say they're seeing many patients with injuries related to the wintry weather.

"We have been seeing a lot of elderly that have fallen on the ice. They're breaking their hips, they're hitting their heads and having bleeding in the brain. We've also been seeing a lot of younger people as well, anywhere from middle age to college students, even kids," said Dr. John Bernett.

But there are ways to stay safe, even on icy sidewalks. If you have to head out the door, doctors advise wearing boots with a lot of traction.

"I think the biggest thing is if it's not emergent, stay at home. Stock up on your water, food, stay at home, wait until the roads are more clear. If you do have to go out, the biggest thing is dress warm," advised Dr. Bernett.

People in Wilkes-Barre are just hoping for warmer weather.

"Hope it's all over sooner or later. Winter's almost done," Marsalis added.

Doctors at Geisinger Wyoming Valley say there have been about just as many fall victims as people coming down with the flu this year.

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