Head Athletic Trainer at PSU Resigns

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UNIVERSITY PARK -- The head athletic trainer at Penn State has tendered his resignation.

Tim Bream, head athletic trainer for Penn State football, was living at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house the night Timothy Piazza died after drinking heavily and fell repeatedly.

Last year Bream testified that as the adviser to the fraternity, he was not responsible to chaperone.

Bream said he was in and out of the house all night and said he did not know there was alcohol at the party.

Penn State officials didn't say why Bream is stepping down but said he will leave at the end of the month.



  • Huggy

    PSU, WNEP, Schuylkill County….lots of boy love. Lots of people looking the other way. Sex roamers flourish in these parts

  • mopar driver

    What a load , The booze came out of the frat funds , supervision my rear . All these idiots who accomodate improper acts and are covered up for has to stop . Why isn’t this buffon being sued as he was the person ” in charge” ?

  • Guido Sarducci

    He resigned? Already? Why wasn’t he flipping FIRED?!?! Didn’t know there was an alcohol party? Oh, so all of those upstanding fellows swinging from the light fixtures, skiing down the staircases, and the reek of booze wasn’t a clue? What a BUFFOON!!!!!

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