Governor Wolf to Examine New PA Congressional Maps

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HARRISBURG --Republicans in Harrisburg have made the deadline to redraw Pennsylvania's congressional maps.

The old map was deemed unconstitutional by the state Supreme Court.

The justices ruled that it was drawn to unfairly favor Republicans.

The court gave the legislature until Friday to come up with a new map.

Lawmakers have sent a new map over to Governor Wolf for his approval.


  • Sharon445

    A lot of self righteous hypocrites whining about “gerrymandering.”
    Like Gov Wolf, up for reelection, isn’t going to be political. Right.
    This is all because Trump won and the attempt is to cut down reps who support him.


      Speaking of hypocrites, it was the REPUBS who gerrymandered the map so that Repubs had a majority of voters in a majority of the districts when the State is divided 50/50 in registered Dems and Repubs!!!

  • Caliente

    This is starting in other states as well. Another weird thing that happened is a certain Governor switching to the Republican party in another state (like it matters). It is an obvious ploy that I cannot believe most of you fell for. Infrastructure strength (like pothole mending) has been very lax under Wolf, but that spending and taxation is going strong to create the ghost towns around privately owned prisons like usual. More Shendo, less Shenandoah. You are the wives of Hillbillies staying all ‘Barefoot and Pregnant’ at this stage of the game when your best view is a parking lot.

  • trucker

    State Legislature should take this to federal court since the PA Carnahan and Chivarella court system is a criminal organization. After the FISA memo, The President would be justified and supported by all real Americans if he took extraordinary actions to restore order.

  • Avenge Hector the Turkey

    With Democrat Denny Wolff no longer running in the 11th (he’s from Colombia Co,) that district is a lot safer, although he might pose a threat to Marino. And the 17th looks a lot more competitive, so the Republicans might have a chance to take it if they get someone good to run. However, it all depends on if Wolf approves it.

  • Chamber Pott

    and I’m sure the Governor will make sure there is no bathroom issue in any district before approving the new map and safe spaces for snowflakes

    • Taco Salad

      I’m sorry you and your secret boyfriend lost your private meeting spot at Target.
      PS… The whole family knows your secret, Ron.

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