Work Set to Begin on Two Bridges in Schuylkill County

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EAST NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP -- Work on two bridges in Schuylkill County could cause problems for drivers' commutes.

Work is set to begin Monday on a bridge near South Mill Street.

"The bridges need to be replaced so I guess it's time to do it," Ed Tray of St. Clair said.

PennDOT will be updating two bridges in the area. The other one is on Mount Laffee Road in Norwegian Township.

It will take several months to repair these bridges. Neither one of them is expected to be reopened until this summer.

The bridge near St. Clair will be closed until June. The other until July.

People who live in St. Clair said they don't mind the closures.

"People use them go on their chores or go to work," Patrick Murphy of St. Clair said. "It'll be an inconvenience, but it'll be minor."

"It's not like we're going to be isolated like an island here," Tray said. "There is enough other bridges in town we can cross."

For work on the bridge near St. Clair PennDOT suggests drivers take Russell Street, Route 61 and Route 209 to get around. For the bridge in Norweigan Township, PennDOT said to take Valley Road, Route 901 and Route 61.

"I'm just happy about the fact that money is being spent to improve the infrastructure and I hope that this would be the beginning of more improvement projects -- not only in St. Clair but in the county," Murphy said.

PennDOT said both projects will cost just under $900,000.


  • Obamasupporter

    Would have been a great agreement if SEDCO had one of these corporations that plop a crap distribution center or windmills here to have to pay for some borough roadways paved. Or if The state made these windmillers or gas lines foot the bill for our bridges….just sayin


    900 k for a bridge in the skook. You can add up 50 rowhomes and they wont be worth that. strange place.

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