Pinnock Sentenced for 2016 Murder in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- A man who fled to Florida following a deadly shooting in Wilkes-Barre is now headed to prison.

A judge sentenced Keanu Pinnock on Thursday to up to 24 years behind bars.

In November, Pinnock pleaded guilty to third degree murder for his part in the 2016 shooting death of Irvando Crooks.

Pinnock spent three months on the run before U.S. marshals caught up with him down south.

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  • Cowboy

    This is something, you take somebody’s life and get sent to jail to live a long life with free healthcare, three meals a day, TV, Heat and water for free all on the TAX PAYER!
    He TOOK a LIFE, TAKE HIS with lethal injection!
    And why would it cost $1.26 million for the injection? This is BULL you know what!!!!
    It’s not a car accident, it was murder!!!

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