Philly Celebrates Its Champs

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PHILADELPHIA -- It was a massive party in the streets of Philadelphia with more than a million Eagles fans celebrating their Super Bowl champions.

It's the first Super Bowl victory for the Eagles and that set the stage for a parade unlike any other in Philadelphia.

The Super Bowl champions made their way through miles of streets jammed with fans. Center City Philly turned into a sea of green, a place overwhelmed with Eagles excitement.

This city has been waiting to host a parade like this for decades. The long wait for the Eagles to be Super Bowl champions is over and a crowd some estimate was in the millions came to be part of history and to see their champs and their Lombardi Trophy in person.

The long-time voice of the Eagles announcer Merril Reese helped kick off a post-parade celebration.

On the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, player after player addressed their adoring fans, including Super Bowl MVP quarterback Nick Foles.

"I don't think words can really describe what's going on today. I've never seen so many people in one spot, celebrating one thing. To be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles, to be part of these guys is the biggest honor of my life," Foles said.

Foles was the starter because this team suffered serious injuries this season, but still won it all.

"I appreciate you all for embracing us this year, and we've been through ups and downs and could have easily given up, but we didn't, and that's that brotherly love we talk about in Philadelphia," said defensive end Brandon Graham.

The Eagles themselves became the cheerleaders and joined their fans in song.

"Yo, Philly! I anticipated you being lit, but man you all know how to party!" said Chris Maragos.

"This is a resilient group that found through a lot of adversity. The underdog, right?" said head coach Doug Pederson.

And from the head coach to the team management, "Philly, is this what heaven's like?" asked Howie Roseman.

The message to this electric Eagles crowd: get used to all this.

"Philly, you are Super Bowl champions and I have one final message for you: we are just beginning!" said team owner Jeffrey Lurie.

Watch the Eagles victory ceremony below:

NOTE: Jason Kelce's remarks contain some strong language

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