D.A. Forwards School District Mechanic Case to Attorney General

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SCRANTON -- The Lackawanna County district attorney has now asked the state attorney general to look into whether mismanagement of money in the Scranton School District could involve criminal activity.

Lackawanna County D.A. Mark Powell tells us he did so, "to avoid even the appearance of impropriety or political favoritism."

In a letter to the attorney general's office, Powell said there could be an appearance of a conflict of interest because a member of the school board contributed to Powell's campaign for D.A.

The school board last week asked Powell's office to look into the payment of a mechanic contracted to do work for the district. He and his wife received district health insurance for over a decade.


  • Mister Glock To You

    YA FRIGGING THINK!?!?! Omigod, how any of these idiots were elected to these positions is unfathomable. DUH…..criminal activity? Investigate them ALL.

  • Cowboy

    If Mark Powel (district attorney) don’t know that a crime was committed, because the school board contributed to Powell’s campaign for D.A.
    Get RID of POWEL!!! He can’t do his JOB.

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