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Working in the Elements in the Poconos

STROUDSBURG -- It's not easy maneuvering the slushy streets of downtown Stroudsburg in any vehicle, let alone a small mail truck. But U.S. Postal worker Armond Beniamino says someone has to do it.

"It's a little slippery. You gotta go slow. Take it easy. It's very slippery. It's worse than just driving on snow," said Beniamino.

Armond is just one of many others who have to work outside on this snowy February day. And if you ask this mailman how he feels about the weather, he will give you the honest truth.

"I feel bad for anyone who has to be working out here. This weather is not fit for man nor beast. It's really not," said Beniamino.

Besides the cold and the slush, some workers we spoke to, like delivery drivers, say working in these conditions is difficult, especially when it comes to dropping off mail and packages because a lot of businesses close.

Rich Young is a delivery driver for Pitt-Ohio.  He made the trek to the Poconos from Hazleton. He says loading and unloading become twice as hard when Mother Nature isn't cooperating.

"Bad, it's bad trying to get stuff through the snow. You have to drag it through the snow and everything," said Young.

Justin Luciano works at Hybrid Landscaping and Masonry in Stroudsburg and shovels snow on Main Street sidewalks.

But with one arm in a sling, he says the job can get a little tricky.

"Typically, it's easy but one hand kind of sucks. Other than that, slipping, falling, but that makes it fun," said Luciano.

Other workers say even though snow is to be expected during winter months here in northeastern Pennsylvania, warmer weather will be welcomed back at any time.

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  • kali

    Interesting that a postal worker is doing his job. I live in Blakeslee and NEVER get mail delivery during a snowstorm – even tho my email from USPS Informed Delivery says that 6 envelopes are coming today. Last storm, it took them 3 days to deliver what was due on the snow day.

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