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Stocking Up on Snow Supplies

TUNKHANNOCK -- Outdoor companies see dollar signs when the snow hits. The wintry mix made for a good day for hardware stores as people came in to buy snow blowers and salt in Wyoming County.

The winter weather left a couple inches of snow in parts of Tunkhannock. People who had to drive in the snow kept it rated PG and gave Newswatch 16 a one-word answer to describe their experience.

"Lousy," said Elmer Franco. "I could use a couple words but not on the air."

It was business as usual at Gay's True Value on East Tioga Street in Tunkhannock. Even with the bad weather, the store remained open. People came to the store to buy sleds and bags of salt.

"Got to keep the agency parking lot clear and the home driveway clear, so had to come out and get some more rock salt. We only had a half a bag left," Tyler Emmerich said.

Employees at Gay's True Value spent part of the day unloading a ton of Qik Joe off a forklift and into the store.

Store manager Dan Gay says he had sold a couple of snow blowers and snow throwers.

"We love the heavy winter like this, the cold winters. It really helps the sales of the store," Gay said.

He says the newer models make getting rid of the snow quicker and less stress on the back.

"Very nice, smooth and easy to operate, easy to start so there's not a problem with that."

A reminder that it's never too late to buy anything you can find to get rid of the snow.

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