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Snowy Roads in McAdoo and Kelayres

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- When snow is on the ground, priority number one for people in places like McAdoo and Kelayres is to get rid of it.

"Not really bad, yet," Thomas Barletta of Kelaryes said. "It's gonna get worse. I guess when it rains, it sleets."

Barletta is using his own snow plow to clear the sidewalks for his neighbors.

"They all come and thank me," Barletta said. "They cook for me. They want to cook."

The people Newswatch 16 talked to said their goal is to get as much snow cleared as possible before the sleet starts.

"Right now, I'm going to plow my sidewalk before it gets too bad and I'll come back later and plow again," Matthew Capulich of McAdoo said.

Capulich hooked a plow up to his ATV to help him get rid of his snow. He said this is one of his favorite things to do during wintertime.

"Pushing snow," Capulich said. "Going in the woods with it. That's the best part of it."

Two young boys from McAdoo decided they didn't want to spend their snow day inside.

"Usually kids now are into video games and all that," Jake Bobish of McAdoo said. "They just don't want to go out."

At ages 12 and 13, they're making a business out of shoveling the snow, getting paid to help out their neighbors.

"(We want) to help people in need," Andrew Baran of McAdoo said. "Some are old. They need help."

Even though the people of McAdoo and Kelaryes want to get rid of the snow, they said they wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

"The whole year is good in Pennsylvania," Capulich said. "If you like to live in the south, that's fine. But, I like to live up in the north."


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