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Small Businesses Relying on Snow Plowing

TOWANDA -- For landscapers and excavating companies, snow storms are big for business during the slow winter months.

Another day, another snowstorm that blanketed the Towanda area, causing snow to accumulate quickly on roadways and in parking lots.

This winter, snow plow drivers say that they've been especially busy.

"It helps us a lot," Jeremy Braund of Robinson Contracting & Landscaping said. "It pays the bills in the winter time because it's a lot slower season this time of year, so it's good for business regardless."

For landscaping and excavation companies, these days may be long, but during a slow time of year for business, frequent snowfalls are welcome.

"You can't dig driveways or septic systems and things like that with weather like this when the ground freezes and you have all the snow," Tony Zdon of M.R. Dirt Excavating said. "So we just switch gears. We go into snow removal mode and we gear up all of our trucks with plows and salt spreaders. We have like 10 trucks out in the oil field right now working for Chief Oil and Gas doing the same thing, just 24-7."

Those who were out plowing on Wednesday say that they prefer plowing during the nighttime rather than the daytime because, during the day, you have to deal with a lot of traffic.

"At night because then there's no traffic and I can just move the snow around wherever I need it to go," Ben Kershner of Kershner Excavation said.

"These daytime snows are a little difficult because you get a lot of people that think that they have to be out in it, so they're always in your way, but you just be patient and you just work around them," Zdon added. "Ideally we like it when it quits snowing at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning so we can get out and get everybody opened up before businesses open up."


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