First Responders in the Storm

HONESDALE -- No matter the weather, first responders are always on the move across our area. And in Wayne County on Wednesday, ambulance crews and state troopers still answered the call during the height of the storm.

Before ambulance crews in Honesdale could take a patient to the hospital, they had to contend with the snow. Once a path was cleared, they could do their jobs helping someone in need.

"We're normally busy anyways, but this just adds a little more to it," said EMT Kenny Batzel. "We were shoveling the sidewalk before we get to the patient."

All this snow and sleet and eventually rain makes any job tougher, but especially when lives are on the line. So paramedics with Commonwealth Health EMS are always ready for the worst in this weather.

"It's bad winter weather, mostly driving. Following distance, make sure trucks are prepared correctly, pretty much just slowing down," said Michael Macedonia, Commonwealth Health EMS.

Snow tires are a must for this crew and road crews help keep the roads passable enough for these emergency responders to get where they're going.

State troopers are also equipped with the vehicles to do the job.

"All our vehicles are equipped with snow tires and are all all-wheel drive so we're able to get to each call safely and efficiently," Trooper Bob Urban explained.

Troopers from the state police barracks near Honesdale were busy handling crashes around Wayne County.

"Push comes to shove, when the roads are bad, we still have a job to do. We have to get out there and do it," said Trooper Urban.

Whether they're wearing the badge or responding to medical calls, first responders head out in this weather fully knowing there's no alternative.

"We will respond. We will come, do what we can to make our way to you when you need help. Won't stop trying until we get to you and get you the help that you need," Macedonia said.

Emergency crews ask anyone on the roads while they're responding to a call to please move over and wait for them to pass so they can get where they're going on time and safely.