Interstate 81 in Luzerne County Open after Crash

PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- A wreck had a section of highway closed Wednesday in Luzerne County.

Interstate 81 south was closed between the Avoca exit (178) and the Dupont/Pittston exit (175) because of the crash, according to PennDOT.

Officials say no one was seriously injured when a tractor-trailer went off the road along I-81 southbound in Avoca, but the wreck did force part of the interstate to shut down and drivers had to detour through Dupont.

People like Theresa Babonis are tired of all the icy weather and the accidents that go along with it.

"Terrible. I want to see some sunshine or something! Stopping this sleeting and snowing. Calm! Calm weather would be nice."

PennDOT officials say on a normal day at least 35,000 vehicles use this stretch of I-81 south from Avoca to Pittston Township. Many of those drivers needed to use Route 315 to get around the crash.

All of the snow and ice that had piled earlier made it an even tighter squeeze for traffic to get through on Route 315.

"I think it kind of gets a little hectic here when there's an accident on 81," Eric Scatena said.

Scatena was working in Dupont to get some of the snow off the roads. He says all the messy weather just made things more difficult.

"It was pretty bad this morning, and now it's getting warmer so it's starting to clear up, but with the rain, too, it's probably going to turn to ice at night, so it's probably going to get worse."

The wreck was cleared and the highway was reopened by 2 p.m.

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