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A Good Day for Sledding With Friends

SCRANTON -- A snow day spent shoveling is a snow day wasted. That was a reminder some kids repeated to their parents as soon as the snow day was declared for the Scranton School District.

"[I] had to warm up the car, had to go get gas for the snow blower with the anticipated snowfall. And you know, the kids were like, 'C'mon dad. Let's go. Let's go. We want to go at 7:00.' I was like, 'How about 11:30?'" said Mario Emiliani of Scranton.

It was a plan hatched after a basketball game Tuesday night. The team was to meet at West Intermediate School on Fellows Street.

"We went for pizza since we won and everybody got excited because it's a snow day," said 10-year-old Helayna Weidow of Scranton.

Parents, siblings, and school friends joined them.

"I get to hang out with my friends and play outside," added 9-year-old Nina Emiliani.

Moms and dads watched on as kid after kid wiped out on a homemade snow jump. The snow turned to rain in the early afternoon, a sign that there likely won't be a snow day tomorrow. They had to enjoy it while it lasted.

"Every snow day we try to get out here and sleigh ride, build some good memories for the kids and us," Mario Emiliani added.

When winter is a memory this year, you never know, we might miss the snow.