Winter Weather the Hot Topic in New Milford

NEW MILFORD -- Many secondary roads in the area are still messy from the weekend's snow, and with another storm in the forecast for Wednesday, a lot of folks are concerned about the upcoming road conditions.

"That's the main topic around here, is snow," said Ronald Duffy Jr. of New Milford Township. "Four-wheel drive, you don't have any problem. Tomorrow, they're talking about more snow for up this way, so we're hoping it doesn't get too deep," he said.

Folks in this part of Susquehanna County say the streets departments in both the borough and New Milford Township have been doing a really good job keeping up with all of the winter weather.

"Our equipment is in great shape. We've been prepared for anything oncoming," said Lawrence White, the head of the New Milford Borough Streets Department.

The New Milford Streets Department says any amount of snow it can handle. It's the sleet, ice, and freezing rain that makes things tricky.

"If we get a lot of ice, that depletes the salt pretty fast," White explained. "We allocate so much salt. We stockpile it for the year. So right now, we look pretty good. We don't know what the rest of the season is going to bring us, but right now we're looking good," he added.

Ice depletes the salt, and the rain washes it away, so the warm-ups have not been helping much either.

"It's been so peculiar, going back and forth. One day it's sunny, the next day it's warm, and then one day it's snowing and freezing. You have to look out the window to see what you got," said Debra Duffy of New Milford Township.

The Borough's Streets Department consists of two men and two trucks. The night before a winter storm like the one that is in the forecast for Wednesday, the team is prepared to work long hours in the coming days.

"Our employees work on and off, if they have to work 12-14 hours to get it done, they get it done, then they sleep when they're done," White explained.

Be sure to check with your city or borough for any snow bans. The New Milford Streets Departments says cars parked on the street Wednesday will be ticketed, an ordinance whenever there is more than three inches of snow in the forecast.