Volunteer Firefighter Sent to Prison on Underage Sex Charge

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WILKES-BARRE -- A volunteer firefighter was sentenced to prison time Tuesday morning for having sex with a teenage girl.

A judge sentenced Joshua Ralston, 20, of Dallas, to 11 and a half to 23 months behind bars for statutory sexual assault.

The judge says he felt a more serious sentence was necessary because Ralston showed little remorse, and these crimes have a lifelong impact on the victim.

The former Trucksville volunteer firefighter pleaded guilty in December to having sex with a 13-year-old girl in Luzerne County.


  • Robert

    Being a Firefighter has nothing to do with this story. I feel it is unnecessary to even put that in the report. Unless I missed something. This just aims at firefighters in general and there is no significance. If he was a cashier at a convenience store, unemployed living in mother’s basement makes zero difference in the matter.

  • and where is mommy and daddy???

    Where were her parents???? They also need to be held accountable. As a mom of two teen daughters, I watch every single move they make. How does a 13 year old just disappear long enough to be having all this contact with a 20 year old? Parents need to be parents already.

    • E

      You “watch every move they make”? Why because you are a whore, especially at that age, and it makes you feel better to believe everyone is like you? Ha ha ha!

  • skookamania2003

    No doubt some of those volunteer firefighters are strange birds. They love posting fires on facebook and speeding through town with that odd blue light on car, even for just fire alarms. Then between arson, theft and molestation arrests it looks like a bad track record in nepa.

    • Robert

      While I see your frustration, and yes there are a few bad people in the world, even Volunteer fire services, there are far more good. You see me going by with a blue light, is it a fire where a kid is trapped? An MVA with someone that is trapped in their car and needs medical attention? A 70 year old having chest pains? Look at it this way, it take approx 5 minutes from the time a call is placed to the time the pager is alerted, in most departments it takes volunteers approx 5 minutes to respond from home, leaving parties, family, etc. to go help someone in need. Most like;y a stranger we have never met. Now depending on the location of the call it can take upwards of 11 minutes to get on scene. That fire has had 21 minutes to grow, that heart attack has gotten worse. I do not condone speeding even with a blue light as you referenced, yet when the lady in the car in front of me does 20 in a 35 because she dislikes firefighters, or you are sitting still and see that light go by at 30 and you swear it is going 50. As for arsonists, having dealt with a close friend injured by one, I dislike that individual more than you do. In fact all firefighters do. We spend hours upon hours looking at evidence, trying to pin point the individual. Basically you are placing all anger on everyone instead of the one individual that sparked your rage. As for posting on social media, It is hard to stop those individuals from doing so, strict social media clauses are put in place, however not all follow and not all departments do so either. I see that you stated that there are some ” straight birds”, and I thank you however because someone is trying to get to the firehouse a little faster remind yourself, our eyes have seen things that would make most check out, maybe that guys doesn’t want to see another life lost. Again Speeding is wrong and the blue light is a courtesy light, But please next time you all see a blue light pull over and let them by, someday it may be someone you know we are trying to save. The first words EVERY Firefighter hears at a scene………. What took so long.

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