Snow Days Eating Up School Vacation Time

CARBONDALE -- Schools have been dealing with snow days all year and with more snow coming, it will begin using up that vacation time.

This wintry weather has made for plenty of two-hour delays and closed schools this season. Even with those days built into the school calendar, those days off are starting to mount.

"We have built in four days, so now, we start looking at spring break, which is around our Easter holiday break, so we may have to make up some days there," said Carbondale Area Superintendent Robert Mehalick.

Mehalick says they've faced many choices this year, but the priority is always the students.

"When we make our decisions, it's always on the safety and well-being of our students, and yes, we know we are extending the year. We are causing some difficult hardships for parents, but we are doing it just for the safety."

Officials tell Newswatch 16 the Carbondale Area School District has used up all its snow days. Now, when school closes because of snow, it will cut into spring break.

"We want to try to keep graduation to the date we have planned. We have families and relatives that have made plans to see their children graduate, so we want to keep the graduation date intact," the superintendent said.

People preparing for snowy weather at the Weis Market in Carbondale are glad the school district isn't taking any chances and the students will be making up those days.

"Education is more important to the kids right now because if they don't have an education, they won't have a good job. You can't do nothing up here," said Daniel Howell.

For now, Carbondale Area graduation is set for June 8.


  • Johnny Utah

    So, essentially this B.S. article just tells us the same thing that happens every winter in NEPA. The more school days that are missed because of inclement weather, the more days you risk losing during school holiday breaks or summer vacation.

  • Cowboy

    Do I want to be a teacher, doctor, lawyer or a dentist when I grow up?
    A teacher! Work 6 months out of the year, the best healthcare, start off with $75,000.00 for 6 months of telling kids what to study, half days count as full days, 6 months vacation time, tax will cover my 401K if I lose money.

  • Fredric

    I wish WNEP and the school system would not try whistling out of both ears simultaneously.

    The students can be safe or lose their sacred spring vacation. Don’t try to get tears at the same time.

    P. S. Does anyone really think parents are going to can the airline and skiing and hotels reservations near the slopes or beaches if vacation is invaded by education?

  • Fredric

    None of elementary, middle or high schools or even college had air conditioners. We learned nevertheless.

    My guess is educators make lousy administrators. We can get four weather related days off in January and February alone. They actually believe in global warming.

    Actually trimesters would make more sense, slightly longer classes but fewer courses. 14 minutes longer per class fewer courses, more vacation and playtime and less time locked in rooms during flu and other epidemics.

    I bet the union hates the idea already.

  • Dennis Umphrey

    How many snow days would the district lose during the spring and summer months, how much maintenance would be needed on school buses or district properties in the summer months, change the school calendars around and go when the weather is greater for everyone?

  • MOM

    As a parent of the Carbondale Area school district and a driver for another school district… I am very pleased with how they have handled the weather situations. Hats off to keeping the children safe. I understand it causes parents headaches on last minute changes. Hey, it happens to ME too. The weather causes everyone’s schedules to be altered in some way or another.

  • Mike33

    Ok people that make the calls on not to close school when even just potentionally could be know..just could..just maybe be oh jeez.maybe hazardous to the parents and students.and faculty hey that’s fine.haha then there mights be more lawsuits against individual school districts which will cost the tax payers more money which everything in this world comes down to money..ohh big deal if the kids go into school when it’s 85 and humid.well I guess the air conditioning systems might have to kick on.which requires electric bills!!

    • 🤗

      Wayne highlands doesn’t have air conditioning. Most schools don’t cuz it’s not considered a necessity. Just saying….

      • Mia cobb

        People always bitch about the teachers. Their jobs aren’t easy, would never want it. I’m sure one of you complaining if it was your child in an accident on a bus you’d be the first to sue the school district. You complaining about taxes going I’m sure you don’t even pay any type of real estate or school tax

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