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Redrawing The Districts, Friday Deadline Looms

HARRISBURG — The redrawing of Pennsylvania’s congressional districts will go ahead, which means lawmakers must come up with new districts by Friday.

Northeastern and central Pennsylvania is covered by the 5th, 10th, 11th, and 17th Districts.

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled last month, that the districts violate the state constitution. They must be redrawn before May’s primary.

Democrats and Republicans sounded off Tuesday in Harrisburg.

“My hope is that when we propose it, that the Supreme Court says it’s fine. If they don’t and they draw a map, I think it will create another issue,” said Senator Mario Scavello, (R) Monroe County.

“(I) look forward to those maps being fair so that the politicians aren’t selecting the people who elect them, the people are,” said Rep. Gerald Mullery, (D) Luzerne County.

Lawmakers have until Friday to come up with a plan. Then Governor Tom Wolf must sign off on a new map by next week.

Otherwise, the state Supreme Court will adopt a new map on its own.

Republicans hold 12 of Pennsylvania’s 18 congressional seats. One is vacant.


  • Fredric

    Don’t cheer yet. This ruling was a single justice And could be sent to the entire court.

    This maneuver was necessary as Republicans drew the map and the Democrats were too lazy or disorganized to get out their voter.

  • Capt Bogart

    Get used to it. As the working class continue to chase the jobs with buying power else where in the country, this will be done quite often.

  • are you kidding?!?

    You mean that the five Democrat Justices will make up the map.
    Once again, thank you lazy Republicans for staying home.

    • Roflmao

      It wasn’t just the voters that were sleeping on this on, Dimms out spent republican candidates 3-1. Hell if I didn’t research I would have known only dimm names on the ticket. I did my part though. If wolf gets reelection the lines redrawn and any fluke that pops up can go right to the courts. Doomsday for PA!

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