Hazleton Budget Raises Property Taxes by 30 Percent

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HAZLETON -- The mayor of Hazleton signed city council’s budget into effect, which raises property taxes by 30 percent. This is all part of a $10.4 million spending plan.

The property tax hike is the first in five years. Some homeowners in Hazleton aren’t too happy about it.

Art Young has lived in Hazleton his entire life. He said he loves the city, but raising property taxes makes life more difficult for him.

“I'm retired and on a single income. It adds up to a lot of money, but the law is the law. We have to pay it,” Young said.

City council approved the budget 3-2, and the mayor signed it on Monday.

The property tax increase will pay for city employees, city loans, and new police officers.

“All my life we never expected the government to pay for everything. We always paid our way, but now it's just getting more difficult,” Young said.

Under the new budget, Mayor Jeff Cusat said the median homeowner will pay another $107 in property taxes every year.

“The median house in Hazleton is valued at about $79,200 that meaning in the past that home paid $357 and now it will pay $464,” Mayor Cusat said.

Owner of Ripa Jewelers and Hazleton homeowner Jake Ripa said a property tax hike is tough on everyone, but having more police officers is good for business.

“Being in the jewelry business that is always a great thing for us to have more police protection and they are very visible in the community and I just think this will give business a boost,” Ripa said.


  • El Phantasmo

    Clearly this travesty of judgement is Hazletons way of choking the remaining life that is left of the few ACTUAL American taxpayers in the city to complete its transition into poverty, crime, and palm greased politicians. Lets not forget your exempt from having to pay taxes for 7yrs, I believe it is, when u come to our once great country. So AGAIN the only ones taking a hit here are the last few retirees and people already struggling to hang onto what little they have left while the majority of the Spanish cash in their foodstamps at the store and cash their welfare checks at the bank. Its really sad to watch the last bits of morality and any remaining sense of justice in the world circle the drain . Sad to say, but Ive really been researching the possibility of retiring outside the United States. Our country, its leadership, and our economy are beyond repair it seems.

  • Alan

    Why is it that only Property Owners are the only ones paying all the Taxes for Services in any town across the country?

    Why are all the renters escaping paying taxes for Services because they don’t own a home?

  • mopar driver

    WOnderful , Instead of cutting govt jobs we hire more cops at residents expense to curb the hispanic crime ? . Of course if 30 % raise is only $107 more – so around $400 yr. , I have 12x that , so buck up people even though they are totally out of line all you can do is vote those people out and make sure they know why. .

  • Cowboy

    Are our representatives on prescription for marijuana or something?
    You have to ask this because all they can say is (raise Taxes).

    • #SellOutNow

      I cannot believe what I’ve read, here. Hazelton is one of the shoot-em-down spots in NEPA, and they are going to raise the property taxes? To what end? To drive all of the remaining people of good will OUT and Section 8 slumlords IN?!?! Increase City employee pay? What’s the bottom-of-the-barrel salary there? Godalmighty

      I wouldn’t give a plug nickel for property in Hazelton. What a group of fools.

  • Jimmyc

    Lol, good! Little Mexico, home of the ” I can’t speak English dreamer’s!!! So glad I don’t live anywhere near that place!!

  • Cowboy

    The City council raises property taxes by 30 percent.
    Next will be school tax raised about 15 percent.
    Just sell your home in Hazleton or put it on the market for section 8 housing and get paid by the government.
    The liberal democrats are forcing you out, you voted them in.
    Raw Raw Raw clinton and Obama! Give them a big hand!!!
    Lower taxes!
    Free collage!
    Better health care!
    Ten bucks minimum wage!
    You just have to love those democrats, Raw, Raw. Raw!!!

  • Jose

    More police may be fine and good. But make sure the statistics are there to show a drop in crime over a year. If not, fire the government.

  • Roflmao

    AWSOME! I’m moving to Hazelton. I make too much money here! OH wait!
    I moved out of Hazelton and sold my house to a Philly guy for 10k cash 5 years ago. Man were my neighbors angry! But, they aren’t my neighbors anymore. Now I bet they wish they didn’t park in my spot after I shoveled it. ROFLMAO!

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