Paying it Forward in Milton

MILTON -- You've heard the expression, "a little bit of kindness goes a long way." That's how the owners of a laundromat in Milton feel about a woman who left bags of quarters at their place.

Steph Murray of New Columbia knows what it's like to lose a parent. Her mother Diane was only 49 when she died of cancer in 2006.

"I used to sit around and just cry and be withdrawn," Murray said.

For the last few years, Murray has done random acts of kindness in memory of her mom. But the act of kindness she did over the weekend did not stay random.

On Saturday, Murray went to The Laundry Room of Milton and put bags of quarters by each of the washers and dryers as a way to memorialize her mom. The owners of the laundromat, Jessica and Lyle Brouse, shared the kind act on Facebook.

"I think that's a great way to show the memory of her mom and just to give back to people," Jessica Brouse said.

The post got more than 200 shares.

"I didn't do this for recognition. I did this because God placed it on my heart to do it," Murray said.

This random act of kindness inspired the owners of The Laundry Room to pay it forward. They gave Murray a $50 gift card, which she already has plans for.

"I just asked them if there was any way I could split that and pay it forward to other people. Because there are some other families that I have in mind that I would like to pay it forward," Murray said.

Murray wants to encourage other people to do acts of kindness. It's already working.

"It's inspiring. You see people doing it and you want to do the same thing and help others," Colten Anderson said.

Murray tells Newswatch 16 she plans to keep doing acts of kindness in memory of her mom.


  • skookamania2003

    Milton is pretty high class for NEPA especially being within 40 miles of the skook. I mean when do people from the skook go to laundromats to clean their stained mcnabb jerseys, jerrry sandusky signed pennstate sweatshirts, navy blue sweatshirts with dog dirt or volunteer fire company half-shirts.

  • Give Me a Break

    How about someone at WNEP pays it forward to a website builder, I mean christ, you cant get through an article without winning a new iphone and safari crashing. How fitting too, that a joke of a news station, with drugged up anchors and reporters (you live amongst us and dont hide it well) would have its website be made by some U dropout drunk they all buy their drugs from. Absolutely pathetic. No wonder the valley is the laughing stock of the state, we look to morons for our news!

    • SMDH

      Use Google Chrome as your browser and start using Adblocker (ABP). It will cut down on the ads significantly and greatly increase your site performance. It got to the point where I almost stop coming to Ch 16 or other Tribune media websites (their parent company) because the ads were so annoying and it choked my laptop. Problem pretty much solved and it sure does annoy—-I now get pop ups from Accuweather telling me how many pages I block and they may “not be able to provide the service” because they can’t get ad revenue. Boohoo. I’ll find another site that does.

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