Long-time Fans Celebrate Eagles Win

LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- If you're looking for a Patriots fan the day after the Super Bowl, you might want to steer clear of the Hillside Senior Living Community near Montoursville.

"Patriots? Down with Brady," said Mary Woodling.

Now that the Eagles have won their first Super Bowl title, a group of longtime fans are proudly sporting green and watching all the highlights from the big game.

"Everything is great for the Eagles," said Woodling.

It hasn't always been that way for the Eagles.

"Torture at times. I mean, it's had its ups and downs, but you hang in there. If you're a fan, really a fan, you hang in there," said Ruth Perantoni.

"The first quarter was 9 to 3,” said Woodling.

84-year-old Mary Woodling plans to save the Sunday paper as a keepsake. She kept score at the top of the front page with a sharpie during the game.

"Defense was wonderful. Couldn't ask for a better game for me," said Woodling.

"Oh, it was wonderful. It was. I got goosebumps. I really did."

"I had my doubts," said Rick Seitzer.

Newswatch 16 met up with Seitzer at the STEP Loyalsock Montoursville Center. He's been a fan for years and thinks the team played their cards just right this year.

"I was very ecstatic, but like I said, at halftime I fell asleep. My wife woke me up part way through the third quarter and said, 'Come on! You're missing it!'" said Seitzer.

As for the future of the team. Mary believes the Eagles can win again.

"They have two wonderful quarterbacks, but they'll probably need to get rid of one. I hope not, but Carson Wentz would do the job,” said Woodling.

That's advice Mary hopes the team will consider for next season.