Icy Roads Cause School Closures in Schuylkill County

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- Several school districts in Schuylkill County were closed Monday because of icy road conditions.

People spent much of Monday morning trying to break up ice in front of their homes.

"It's a little worse than I thought it would be because the walks are ice-covered and you can't really do anything with a shovel," Suzanna Domalakes of Frackville said.

Sunday's snowstorm not only left snow but also ice on many of the borough's streets. The priest at St. John the Baptist, Fr. Robert Plichta, doesn't mind all the ice.

"I treat it as exercises," Fr. Plicta said. "I enjoy all four seasons."

Drivers had no problem traveling on main roads in Frackville, while side streets were a little bit more difficult. A spokesperson for Schuylkill County Emergency Services tells Newswatch 16 so many of the school districts closed because of all the ice on some of the roads.

Orwigsburg is another community in Schuylkill County where the main roads are okay, but many of the side streets are still icy.

"I've been out on the roads and they are slippery," Steven Zimmerman of Orwigsburg said. "It's a good idea not to have school today."

Orwigsburg's streets supervisor said the borough put down salt to try to help break up the ice. He said there are also crews out plowing the roads.

"I think the borough has been really proactive in trying to deal with the snow, although there is unexpected water content in it, which has created this icy situation," Zimmerman said.

As plows tried to clear everything they could, residents, like Kevin Werner and his family, tried to get rid of as much ice as they could, too.

"This ice actually isn't too bad, though," Werner said. "It's more or less staying together in bigger chunks as opposed to being just complete slop like regular slush."


  • 1992

    Difficult weather to be roaming the streets and alleyways. Even so, chances are you can still spot someone in navy blue sweatpants or a nice fore department coat beating feet throughout the skookle streets. Party at the Frackville Mall for the big eagles win!

  • skookamania2003

    the side streets in frackville are terrible to navigate when its 85 and sunny. but also stay away from the votech woods!

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