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Fiery Super Bowl Celebration in Bloomsburg

BLOOMSBURG -- Some Eagles fans in Columbia County took to the streets to celebrate the Super Bowl victory.

Pictures from show Eagles fans around a fire in the middle of Fetterman Avenue.

Many Bloomsburg University students celebrated in the streets after the Super Bowl ended Sunday night. While most of the celebrations stayed calm, Bloomsburg police did have to call for backup to break up the fun.

Bloomsburg University students say Main Street sort of felt like Broad Street in center city Philadelphia after the Eagles Super Bowl victory.

But video shot by a student shows how things got out of hand on Fetterman Avenue.

"We were yelling. We were excited watching the game. We heard yelling so we went outside, and they were burning the couch. They were burning a couple of couches last night," said senior Riley O'Donnell.

Bloomsburg police say the college students were burning a couch in the middle of Fetterman Avenue, a street off campus where mainly students live. They added wood to make the fire bigger. Some dumpsters were also flipped over.

"The energy was there. everyone was in a good mood. There was a few scrimmages with other people, but that is what you're going to get," said Wesley Splain.

Officers from surrounding areas as well as state police were called in because of just how many people were celebrating.

"There was kids getting rowdier than others. That's probably why they had to break it up," O'Donnell said.

Bloomsburg University officials say the celebrating stayed off campus. This was something Bloomsburg police were preparing for after the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies win.

"When the Phillies won the World Series for the first time, we had a lot of students hit the Main Street area. There was a large number, but we did not have the burning. We did not have the dumpsters flipped over. We did not have property damage," said Bloomsburg Police Chief Roger Van Loan.

No one was arrested during the celebrations, but Bloomsburg police are still investigating.

"We are investigating the fire issue because it was on a public street in the middle of the street. We are not going to put up with that kind of thing," the chief added.

Bloomsburg police say other than some rough language, the college students were respectful and the crowd broke up when police arrived and asked them to.


  • Archie Beal

    Lloyd you said football fans are for retards…who is you favorite team…you obviously have a lot to comment about the Superbowl articles…there is no doubt you are a fan / retard…well we all know the later.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Also, if they aren’t retards out there in Bloom celebrating an Eagles victory with fires in the streets, what would we be calling them if the eagles lost!?!?!

    Could you imagine those headlines?

  • 1992

    No worries, everything will be back in order once the adults in the viewing area focus on youth sports once again. People REALLY love kids in the wnep viewing area.

  • Curious

    Did this have anything to do with those overdose/homicide incidents that happen in that area? Never got an update on the last one


    What are they celebrating Bloomsburg seriously! you are 135 miles from Philly and most players on the Eagles never stepped foot in Columbia county or the surrounding areas in their lives. Most players on the Eagles are from Texas or SEC states and dont even know this place exists.

    • Duh...

      So you choose your NFL team based on a personal connection or who stepped foot in your town? Didn’t know this was a requirement…

      • WAYNE S

        so that makes it cool to light things on fire and trash other peoples property. hahahah! There is one player who grew up in pa on the entire roster of the eagles. That is pathetic. So the current Eagle Players really have a personal connection to philly living there for 2-3 years. lmao!

      • Creamy Joe Paterno

        Those People that aren’t happy with their life getting so personally attached to sports teams. Unhealthy. Sad.

  • Bluto

    Proving once again eagles fans are the worst. (According to Sports Illustrated) and eagles fans act like idiots because the next super bowl trophy for the eagles will be in the next 40 + years

    • Governor

      Meanwhile dipsh!t, San Diego had the most in-stadium arrests. And ya, your right…. The Eagles will have more Superbowl victories in the next 40 yesrs….whatta’ dope…… GO BIRDS!!!!

      • Are you for real?

        Duh dipsh#t it looks like you will have to wait for the screaming chickens to win another 40 + years to get another super bowl trophy .

      • Lance

        Most teams dont down their light poles or flip cars or start fires. People are warned not to wear other teams jerseys in philly because of the high rates of assault. Yeah lets talk about how great these morons are.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Hahaha. Further verified so many things.
    #1. Bloom is a chithole.

    #2. Football is for retards.

    #3. The Super Bowl is the annual retard class reunion.

    I could go on, but I’m laughing to hard at you all.

    • Idiot

      Expand your vocabulary and quit using offensive words such as “retard.” Your ignorance is showing, troll!

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Your comment is retarded.

        How about derelicts? Bafoons? Sheep? Sheeple? Skallywags?
        Simple minded folk? Simpletons? The less educated? The easily swayed? The easily influenced? The brainwashed masses? Lemmings? The unevolved?

        Retard just sums it all up.

      • Idiot

        As I said Lloyd, your ignorance is showing. When a presumably “grown ass man” has to used the word “retard” to describe a population of college kids, that’s a problem and it’s offensive to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Keep being a keyboard warrior in your mom’s basement.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Oh now wait a minute!

        In today’s society, these sophisticated college kids are CHOOSING to identity as people with mental disabilities, i.e., retards.

        I’m not making fun of the mentally handicapped, so don’t put words in my mouth. I’m making fun of the brainswashed college campuses across the country who can’t think for themselves and do things and act like this.

        And I certainly do not care if they are offended. Their actions are offensive to our society as a whole.

        The cops in riot gear should’ve done their jobs and started mowing them down. Restore law and order.

      • lester

        im offended by your snowflake vernacular, i need a safe space so I can think of a twitter post! BU rhymes with BS, or BJ. Maybe not… i like to think about that thou…. Retards is not a title for the ones you may asume, but infact its a great title to describe the lacking of certain mental abilities we once had, that is all. Overly offended folks, such as yourself are prime examples. PS – im 13 and realize this

      • Idiot

        You’re 13? Go graduate middle school and then talk to me. I work with individuals and develop programs for those who are intellectually disabled for a living. It’s not about being offended, it’s about awareness of the impact your poor word choice has on another.

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