Excitement over Eagles Super Bowl Win

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- It was the win Eagles fans have been waiting a lifetime for.

Matt Malachefski was at work at Lucky's Sporthouse outside Wilkes-Barre when it all happened. He and other fans had their eyes glued to the screen until the very last second.

"A lot of shouting, lots of screaming," Malachefski recalled. "I remember when they won the NFC championship game, I was actually here, so I ran out of the kitchen and started cheering with everybody in the middle of everything. It's been a lot of fun!"

Malachefski says he's been rooting for the birds all his life. He could barely believe it when the clock ran out.

"The running joke with being an Eagles fan is the empty trophy case, so it was really almost a feeling of disbelief at the end of it all to see them finally pull it off."

But not everyone felt that way. Patriots fan and owner of Shedd Shirts in Wilkes-Barre Brian Wood says making Eagles championship shirts is a little painful, but he can't complain about all the t-shirt demand.

"As a Patriots fan, it hurt, but for business, it's been great. Eagles shirts are flying off the shelves. So it's good for business locally, not so good for my heart," Wood said.

Since the Eagles playoff run started, the store has shipped out over 1,500 shirts all around the world.

Wood says he has no plans to attend the parade for the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, but some of his shirts may be in the crowd.


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