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Bus Tour Planned for Eagles Victory Parade

SCRANTON -- A tour group in Lackawanna County is setting up bus rides for local Eagles fans to make their way to Philadelphia for the victory parade on Thursday.

The emotions of Eagles fans are soaring right now after the team's 41-33 triumph over the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

The streets in Philly were mobbed after the game and that will also be the case on Thursday for the Eagles Super Bowl parade.

For Eagles fans in the area looking to make the trip, JZ Tours is sending a large group to the city for the celebration.

Just minutes after the clock hit zero, fans flooded onto the streets in Philadelphia, but that scene may pale in comparison to Thursday when the Eagles go from Broad Street and Pattison Avenue to the Philadelphia Art Museum for the team's championship parade, scheduled for 11 a.m.

With Eagles fans flying high, JZ Tours out of Scranton will have at least one bus on the road, driving a large contingent of Eagles fans to the city for the parade.

"There was just a lot of hype this year. We had two buses the opening game. We had 100-some people down there for the first game just from the get-go. We ran a lot of home games and the playoff games, we had four buses for both playoff games, too," said John Zelinski, JZ Tours.

Tickets for the bus ride will cost $49.

Joe Swartz went to eight Eagles games this year and says taking a bus into the city is the perfect way to go.

"A lot of stress off of the whole situation knowing you just show up at 7 o'clock in the morning, get on the bus, go down, tailgate, watch the game and come home. Thursday is going to be pretty crazy," Swartz said.

And given the historical magnitude of this Eagles ride, Swartz tells Newswatch 16 there was no way he was missing the first Eagles Super Bowl parade.

"Personally, I'm old enough to have cried in 1980, to have been angry in 2004, and to be absolutely ridiculously happy right now. This is a long time coming and the city deserves it."

JZ Tours says there will be two pick-up locations for Thursday's trip to Philly: at Birney Plaza in Moosic and Sam's Club in Wilkes-Barre.


  • Robert

    Go party in Philly and celebrate domestic violence with professional football players and the values they represent! Remember, BRING your OWN matches and don’t forget to take a Knee! Avoid discussions on family values and fathers at all costs! You’ll have a great time!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      That’s right. Major league sports are nothing more than mass distraction.

      We are the romans and I am a modern philosopher.

      Lloyd the kinda ok, but not really.

      • Robert

        Anything to avoid meaningful political debate! Bread and entertainment or as Juvenal expressed it about 1000 years ago, Panem et circense.

    • Skittle

      Which means it’s a good time to get in. I think a lot of investors have been waiting on the sidelines for the market to correct. They have been saying this would happen for a few months now. The market had been too high.

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