Eagles Fans, Businesses Rejoice in Super Bowl Win

SCRANTON -- The wintry weather made it difficult for fans to enjoy the Super Bowl, but not impossible.

"It's a little slick but he's got a nice truck with 4-wheel drive so we're good," said Rachael Dowling of Moscow.

"I couldn't even see the lines on the road, but this is important," said Joshua Covey, Lake Ariel.

These fans at The Penalty Box in Scranton say the weather wasn't their number one concern.

"Cause I've waited 14 years for the Eagles to be in another Super Bowl."

A win for the Eagles means a happy day for fans here at the penalty box, and a busy night for folks here at Kevin's Worldwide who have been contracted to print championship Eagles Super Bowl shirts.

"If the Patriots win we don't print anything we basically gather our things and head home. If the Eagles win we print, we print, I think there's 13,000 give or take shirts that we have to produce," said Jim Pettry of Kevin's Worldwide.

And the Eagles have won so 23 employees at Kevin's Worldwide will be working through the night to print Eagles Championship shirts.

The employees had a watch party for the game and weren't worried about the slick roads either.

"Everybody's excited to be here. It won't affect what we're doing whatsoever. We've offered if anyone needs a ride, to go get them, got a couple 4-wheel drive vehicles here. This is Northeastern PA a little snow is not going to slow us down," said Scott Tinkelman, Kevin's Worldwide.

The employees at Kevin's Worldwide were at work with three presses. They will produce close to 2700 shirts an hour and be working until Monday morning.



  • IN OTHER NEWS, I farted

    Yep, the good people of Philipa celebrated by turning over cars, setting fires in the streets, and other destruction of property. I’d hate to see what would’ve happened if they lost. Animals. And from what I saw, most of the people where white. I don’t get it. So glad I don’t have to live or work in the city.

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