Delivery Drivers Prepping for Slippery Super Bowl Conditions

SCRANTON -- Super Bowl Sunday is always a busy night for pizza delivery drivers but snow and road conditions made it extra tough this weekend.

Goodfella's Pizza in Scranton say they have eight delivery drivers working Sunday night.

That's twice as many as a normal Sunday.

The assistant manager says he has told all of his drivers to be safe on the road.

"I just want them to be careful. Just be really careful. I mean, I care about my drivers more than I really care about the food. So, you know I want my welfare of my drivers to be safe but I also want the food to get there on time and be hot and ready and fresh," said Robert Loschen, Assistant Manager of Goodfella's.

The pizza place is telling its customers to allow about an hour and 15 minutes for deliveries.

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  • Pelosi

    The game must go on! If our fans cannot eat and be entertained they may start asking tuff questions! We can’t have that. Ice be darned…you minimum wage people must risk your lives so our citizens can consume gruel and be sedated into silence!

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