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Roseanna’s Robbed at Gunpoint

SCRANTON -- Friday night is the busiest time for Roseanna's Pizza in Scranton and employees are used to handling a crowd, but not what happened around 7:30 p.m.

An armed robbery brought a big police presence to the restaurant.

"Just a large commotion of this crash and then something happening and I opened the door and the kid had a gun on my girl at the register," an employee told Newswatch 16.

This employee tells Newswatch 16 two men, with their faces covered, entered the kitchen through a side door.

"He said, 'Don't move anybody or nobody will get shot.' They first went to a side drawer and then he took the money out of the drawer and had the girl by the neck and went out the door with her," adds the employee.

Roseanna's has been at this location for 30 years and although it's been robbed before, the extreme nature of this robbery upsets the owner.

"He really practically dragged the girl outside with a gun to her head all the way. there's no reason to go to that, that extreme," says owner Dwayne Worozilcak.

Employees tell Newswatch 16 there were no customers inside at the time of the robbery and the robbers seemed very familiar with the layout of the kitchen."

"Just think it was odd that we had just done a pull on the register and we put money in a location and when they came in the door they went right to that location," says an employee.

Dwayne Worozilcak says he doesn't believe any of his employees are responsible but will be taking precautions in the future to keep them safe.

"And now I believe to protect the safety of the employees, I'll pay for a security guard to stay there from 7 o'clock to 11 o'clock at night 'til the girls leave so I know that they're safe," adds Worozilcak.

The owner says police will be reviewing nearby surveillance footage.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact Scranton Police.


  • Archie Beal

    Vote democrat…save this country…this fool in office needs to go…we need a person that cares for the masses not just his own agendas…Joe Biden or Robert Casey would be very solid selections to lead is country the piper and humanitarian way.

  • Cowboy

    Go back to school or at least finish high school!
    The Democratic Party defended slavery.
    Founded the Slavery Party.
    The Republican Party was founded in 1854 as an anti-slavery party.
    Republican Party wants workers and not freeloaders.

  • Cowboy

    Get a GUN and the next time somebody robs you, DROP the jerk and save the tax payer money. After you drop thief there, they will think twice before robing you again.

  • C’mon Archie, try harder

    Folks, Archie is a troll. Since there are no shootings to comment on, he/she/it takes the unpopular stance on this article. Don’t feed the troll.

  • burtfan16

    I read all this political talk and it begs the question: Do you really believe these two scumbags have any idea what their political philosophies are? They don’t care or they’re too stupid too know.

  • Archie Beal

    I find these negative comments in reference to democrats quite offensive. I am a very strong and dedicated supporter of the Democratic party. If it wasn’t for the democrats this country would be in shambles and people would be living in literal squalor. The democrats care and provide for the less fortunate…unlike the republicans that only care about the rich…the bible states we are all brothers and sisters…everyone is equal. Make a change with the next election…vote strictly democrat …its what this society needs to promote humanitarian efforts. Everyone deserves free health care. Believe republicans could careless….they only care about the the rich.

    • concerned commuter

      Remember the arrests in Luzerne County? All but one of those arrested were democrats. Remember the lies your presidential candidate told? Remember her landing under sniper fire in Bosnia? Remember her running for their cars and then the news showing her being given flowers by a young girl at the airport? There are good and bad on both sides. If you can’t see that I really feel sorry for you as a person.

      • potsmoker

        Ah yes the welfare crowd is who democrats prey on , Yet gay marriage , Legal illegal dope , illegal required healthcare (private companies) and freebies (stimulus) that devalued the Dollar by half is what that buffoon Obama did . Get educated and don’t follow fools

    • ME Quincy

      Right on, concerned commuter. Hey Arch, maybe if some of the “disadvantaged and less fortunate” would try to help themselves you wouldn’t need to go on with your diatribes. Anyone, and I mean that, can be successful by using their minds and bodies.

    • Cowboy

      If it wasn’t for working class and the rich, where would the democrats get the money to give away?
      You think it grows on trees? LMAO!

  • Just saying

    I would rather roll around nude in a bathtub full of shards of glass and razorblades while violently sodomizing myself with a weedwacker than I would to live in Scranton.

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