Police Searching for Two Men Posing as Utility Workers in Luzerne County

Edwardsville -- Officers are investigating two attempted break-ins in Edwardsville Saturday morning.

According to police, two men wearing khakis, gray jackets, knit caps and with long dreadlocks knocked on doors at Eagle Ridge Apartments in the borough around 11 a.m.

In two cases, they identified themselves as workers for UGI and told residents they needed to check their pipes.

Neither resident let the men in.

In one case, when a resident refused one of the men shut the door in her face.

Edwardsville police believe this may be connected to a case from Jenkins Township where men identifying themselves as utility workers robbed a woman while holding her in her basement.


  • Rhonda

    Wow! These comments about people with dreads and people of color are simply racist. I have locs. I don’t dread them and I don’t call them dreads. I am an attorney. I have a job. And, I am not and have never been scum!

  • Anna Rose

    While I dont agree that a hairstyle is synonymous to scum, I do agree that people should be extremely cautious of anyone without ID or anyone being too persistent. Call your utility company to ask if anyone is supposed to be in the area. Confirm their names. Be smart and report. It’s okay to not let anyone in but don’t make assumptions. If these people are really doing bad and trying to rob people, I hope they’re caught and rot.

    • Maybe, but...

      Tell us that if two men of color were on your front porch with dreads that Bob Marley would be proud of – you would open the door and welcome them into your home? That’s what I thought.

  • Fattystools

    I guess the first mistake would be believing anyone with dreads down to their ass would HAVE a job…..

  • That’s a giveaway

    This is simple, people. Don’t answer the door for anyone in dreadlocks. Doesn’t matter the race, if they’ve got dreadlocks – stay away.

  • Rusty ButterKnife

    Is this “still,” or “again?” Are these people STILL posers, or pretending to utility workers, AGAIN?

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