Heart Of Lewisburg Ice Fest Draws Crowd

LEWISBURG -- From dragons to candles, to a bag of cold hard cash, there were all sorts of ice sculptures outside of storefronts lining Market Street in Lewisburg.

The cold temperatures kept the frozen art intact for families to make lasting memories in this part of Union County.

“The beautiful sculptures they make the creativity. I like to see the kids in the park playing with all the ice and the activities they offer,” said Richard and Donna Heinbach.

People come from near and far to check out more than 30 ice sculptures on market street.

Some visitors from as far as Sacramento in Schuylkill County.

“We walked through the park nice little area down there and we want to walk up through town and yeah check out the event,” said Tim Klinger.

Jon Putterman was happy to get the chance to enjoy the heart of Lewisburg ice fest with his son, Brayden.

The timing of the ice fest created a perfect storm for Stein's Flowers and Gifts in downtown Lewisburg.

With Valentine's Day just a couple weeks away, people came into the store to buy the perfect gift

“When people come in they are looking for what we have for Valentine's Day they are picking up all sorts of items so it's good here,” said Barbara Bilger.

This is the 15th year the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership has put on the ice festival, giving people a reason to get outside into the cold.


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