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Plowing Instead of Partying

BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP -- Harold Empett has a message for Pennsylvania's most famous ground hog:

"I want to say 'thank you' Punxsutawney Phil for greatly bringing on another six more weeks of winter for us, thank you."

Because, instead of watching the big game on Super Bowl Sunday, he and other plow drivers in Susquehanna County will be outside fighting the winter weather just like they would if it were any other day.

"We'll be out here in the snow taking care of our constituents, motoring public, making sure everybody's safe," says Harold Empett, a foreman in Susquehanna County for PennDOT.

Eric Rogers tells Newswatch 16 he plans to be on the roads all day on Sunday.

"All the way through the snow. As soon as the snow starts, I start. Yep, I end when it ends," says Rogers.

A lot of plow drivers will be working this Sunday and unfortunately, they'll have to miss their Super Bowl family traditions.

"Super Bowl parties, you know, the food, family, fun times, drinking," adds Rogers.  But he will join in the Super Bowl fun the only way he can.

"Yeah, I'll listen to the Super Bowl on the radio the whole time," Rogers tells Newswatch 16.

Harold Empett has another message, this time for drivers heading to and from parties who may find themselves sharing the road with a plow:

"Be prepared because they will be out there and if you don't have to get out there, don't get out. Just so you know we want everybody to be safe. You'll be out there but go home, enjoy the Super Bowl and don't drink and drive."

And he says to remember there are people out there working to keep you safe.

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  • Pathetic

    Hey Harold, you guys can’t even keep up with what little bit of snow we already recieved. Why wish for more? You want to milk that overtime pay out of us broke taxpayers huh? Nice.

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