Man Locked Up On Rape, Human Trafficking, Extortion And Prostitution Charges

STROUDSBURG -- A man who has been on the run from authorities is now behind bars in Monroe County.

John Golom, of Florida, is now locked up in the Monroe County Prison after eluding authorities for months.

He faces charges including rape, promoting prostitution, human trafficking and extortion.

Investigators have been looking for Golom since October, but they were first tipped off about him last April.

“One of the “johns” came forward saying that this person who went by the name Bobby Lupo was extorting him for money and then the investigation fell flat when we were unable to identify him,” said the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office Detective Kim Lippincott.

In October, detectives learned that Bobby Lupo was Golom.

They say they tracked down one of his prostitutes at a hotel in Tannersville through a sex ad on

Investigators say Golom fled Pennsylvania with another prostitute but was caught in New York where detectives in Monroe County picked up him.

The two women face charges for prostitution, but investigators say they are victims, too.

Detectives say Golom got the women to trust him, then exploited them, making them first work at strip clubs, then as prostitutes

And they say he never let them keep the hundreds of dollars a day that they earned.

“When we encounter these women, we, unfortunately, are arresting them for prostitution and it's hard to get them to talk to us and get them to tell us their story,” said Det. Lippincott. “It takes a great deal of trust and for them to actually finally come forward.”

Carol Andersen is the director of Bloom Creative Studio in Bangor.

She also runs a free 8-bed shelter for abused women, including those who have been trafficked.

Not only does she offer them a home, but a paying job here at her art studio.

“How do you come out of prison and really start rebuilding your life and reconnecting with your family?” said Anderson. “So that is what Bloom offers, it`s a lot of hard work, it`s a lot of accountability but we partner with a local recovery services program right here in Bangor.”

Investigators believe there are more of Golom's prostitutes out there and believe there are more clients of the women who were extorted.

They are encouraging those victims to contact the Monroe County DA's Detective Unit.

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