Little League Statue Vandals Caught on Camera

WILLIAMSPORT -- Williamsport Police have shared video of the two people wanted for vandalizing the Little League statue in the city.

You can see the man and woman walk up to it at the corner of 3rd and Market Street and then bend the bat.

This is the fourth time the statue has been vandalized or stolen since it was unveiled in 2014. That's why the security camera is set up to keep an eye on it.


  • Pig Parts

    When you’re questioning why all of these child molestation stories come out of PA just remember that the Little League headquarters is in PA for a reason. Someone needs to investigate. I mean what if Little League is the biggest front for child molestation like jerry sandusky’s football camps!? I guess skooks will still just look the other way cause gotta have youth sports.

  • Archie Bean

    This was a blatant self-defense situation. The victim here was accosted by this group of ne’er do well youths wielding a baseball bat. This young man should have called the police since they are the only ones who should be able to use force against citizens but, he did what he needed to do to get out of such a violent situation. Just imagine if those copper-clad children had a gun? Its time for some sensible gun laws to keep all Americans disarmed and safe. The second amendment is a bygone phrase written by a bunch of privileged white guys in wigs who couldn’t imagine how complex society is today

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