Eagles Fans ‘Winging It’ as Super Bowl Nears

WILKES-BARRE -- With the Super Bowl just days away, people are preparing all their favorite foods for the big game.

With the Eagles in the Super Bowl, wing places are expecting big crowds.

At the Chicken Coop on Wilkes-Barre Boulevard in Wilkes-Barre, getting ready for the Super Bowl means serving a lot of wings.

With the Eagles playing, manager Brandon Stuchkus says they already have orders ahead of the big game.

"We notice an influx during the playoffs when teams from Pennsylvania that people actually care about are in the Super Bowl, should be fun," Stuchkus said.

At the Coop, they're preparing more than 1,000 pounds of wings for the Super Bowl.

The most important aspect of wing prep is the sauce.

"We go through about 15 gallons of sauce for most popular sauces and this weekend we could go through 60 so that's four times that amount we usually go through."

At Schiel's Family Market in Wilkes-Barre checkout lines were busy as people were getting everything on the Super Bowl shopping lists.

Nikki Elias is excited that the Eagles are finally back the Super Bowl and wanted to have delicious selections for family and friends.

"Wings, hoagies, and definitely a dip feast -- every dip, salsa, cheese, spinach dip, all that stuff," Elias said.

It's food and football for friends and family.


  • Scott

    I’d rather watch paint dry than a bunch of ungrateful multi millionaires throw pig skin. Also, he careful because there is sure to be more drunks driving cars after said game.

  • Roflmao

    Don’t eat all the wings, Eagles are going to need some for next season. Pats going to breakem to pieces. Remember federal law, don’t pick up any discarded eagle feathers! You’ll be committing a felony!!

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