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Biggest Little Eagles Superfan Ready For Super Bowl

WILLIAMSPORT -- From the outside, you'd never know one of the biggest little self-proclaimed Philadelphia Eagles fans lives right here in Williamsport.

Giovanni Hamilton, age 10, doesn't normally have green hair but this is not a normal week for him. His favorite team is about to go head to head with the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

"Carson, if you're watching, know that I'm your number one fan," he said.

Giovanni suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Schwartz Jampel syndrome. It affects his muscles.

When the family's watching football, mom Shannon Algarin tells us Giovanni can just be a regular kid.

"It's something that we can all enjoy together and be together and eat junk food and scream at the TV, so it's just really great," she said.

Thanks to social media, that great become something greater. On Christmas Eve, Giovanni got the call of a lifetime.

Several of the Eagles players and the Eagles head coach called Giovanni and invited him to the game against the Dallas Cowboys on New Year's Eve.

At the game, this Eagles fan even got to go down to the field where he met some of the players.

"He was glowing, glowing," Shannon recalled.

That glow hasn't faded.

Giovanni has plans to coach football. That is, of course, after the Super Bowl. The family has plans to watch it together at home.

"If the Eagles can win the Super Bowl, they're the ultimate underdogs and we're the ultimate underdogs so maybe that will give us some hope," Shannon said.

"If anyone else that's going is watching, I'm a tiny dude so I can fit in your suitcase," Giovanni added.

Spoken like a true Eagles fan.

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