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Armed Robbery at Pizzeria in Scranton

SCRANTON -- Police in Scranton are investigating an armed robbery on the city's west side.

According to published reports, Roseanna's Pizza and Catering along North Hyde Park Avenue was held up just before 7:30 p.m. Friday night.

The suspects are described as two men in their twenties.

The men allegedly entered the building through a side door and pointed a handgun at an employee before taking a cash register.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Scranton police.


  • CW Tucci

    Why didn’t they mention that at almost the same exact time ALL the police rushed to what turned out to be a FALSE CALL about a man with semi-automatic weapon walking through GCMC Ambulance entrance? Almost every officer was brought to EAST Scranton and then a robbery happened in WEST Scranton.

  • Think Positive

    This article, like so many others that insist on protecting the guilty, by omitting important information…a description, if there is one, if not, then the article should state so….please….thank you.

  • Dick Kickum

    Two men in their twenties. Well………check around the university campuses. I think there might be some men in their twenties to be found.

    I always have to wonder what type of window-licking, chest-slapping, crayon-eating, short-bus-riding, helmet-tiered type of retard has to rob a pizza joint. reeeeeeeeeeetards

  • Elaine

    Great description. How very PC. I’m sure they’ll be caught expeditiously. I’m even more certain that this will turn out to be their first offense.

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