Annual Exhibit Held to Memorialize Victims of Domestic Abuse

SCRANTON -- An annual exhibit was held Friday night at the Century Club of Scranton.

Empty Place at the Table is designed to raise awareness of domestic and sexual violence.

Victims of domestic abuse are memorialized at the dinner table with special place settings, their names, mementos and stories.

"I could have cried when I read some of these stories of these people, there's a little baby on there, there are little boys that were burned in a fire. It's just so touching and the women who have tried to get away from these abusers and the abusers follow them and kill them. It's really just touching to see," said Leni Piasky, Century Club of Scranton.

"We began this project in 1993 and I think we only had six settings at the time and now we're up to almost 30 and you know it's to memorialize the lives of women and children who died too soon at the hands of an abuser," said Peg Ruddy, Women's Resource Center.

This year's exhibit was a partnership between the Century Club of Scranton and the Women's Resource Center.


  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Kum-bay-ya my lord, kum-bay-ya.

    How about we teach women to NOT be victims instead?

    How about we teach them that without taking the approach that all men, especially conservative white men, are always bad?

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. It’s almost always the same story. Some dumb girl with some POS dude, gets her ass beat, leaves him and gets right back with him.

  • whatever831

    Instead of place settings why don’t we do something about it? Instead of just sticking an abuser in jail, wake up and make them get help. Obviously there’s a mental reason behind an abuser! What does jail time or a fine do besides making the abuser more angry? What is so “touching” about looking at a place setting of someone who died by domestic abuse? It makes me sick. And could have cried? I would have. Domestic abuse is awful and unfortunately the people who think their ‘dealing’ with the issue are complete idiots and 10 times out of 10 make it even harder, that’s why there’s hardly any reports of it. Psychologists know more about the abused than the abuser. It’s just a messed up, sad issue.

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