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Police Say Woman Stole More Than $20,000 From Her Job

SCRANTON -- Police charged a woman after they say she stole more than $20,000 from her job.

Lynn Salsman, 55, of Pittston Township, allegedly took the money last year from Scranton Dodge on Wyoming Avenue.

Court papers say Salsman admitted to the theft in Lackawanna County.

Salsman is facing charges including receiving stolen property and theft by unlawful taking.


  • Sum Ting Wong

    Buncha thieving females in the state. Soon, they’ll all be wearing their p*ssy hats and whining about how unfair life is.

  • Feed Me More

    people steal because they are struggling financially, better pay would solve a lot of these issues with people stealing money from their workplace. unless they are just kleptomaniacs then lock them up right along with trump

    • FracingA

      ^^^FMM—struggling financially is ones own problem, thou shall not steal..Better pay, yes! U need to replace Trump w/Clinton tho in your statement. U definitely misspoken on that one. Trump is making MAGA. Clinton should be in prison right now.

    • Buford T Justice

      People steal because they are defects , scum and self centered . Living within your means and going without that which is unneeded seem to be lost skills . The thought that if I want more work for it seems lost ( two or three jobs) Then the concept of putting away some for when you can no longer work is also lost . I think I can go the methadone clinic and get my food stamps now.

    • 🙄

      Get off the Trump wagon. Hillary lost so get over it!! Hillary is the thief and liar. People steal for many reasons. Most of them do it just to see if they can get away with it. Does there need to be a raise in minimum wage, yes but don’t blame Trump for other people’s own choices. He didn’t make her steal.

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