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Bomb Scare Clears Out Homes in Wyoming County

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP -- It looked just a like a bomb and caused quite a commotion, but a bomb squad determined what forced people from their homes in Wyoming County really wasn't an explosive.

After looking at what was found in the Washington Park development near Meshoppen, neighbors understood the need for alarm.

But Meshoppen police say this isn`t a bomb, just a very authentic looking fake one.

“The cop was standing there, he's like this is what it looked like, doesn't it look real?” said Michelle Simons. “Yeah, it does, looks totally real.”

“I know dynamite a little bit and that was a very convincing prop they had,” said Bryan Sharp.

Police say the new owner of 14 Jeanne Drive in Washington Township was cleaning out the basement when he found what appeared to be sticks of dynamite with a timer attached around 12:45 in the afternoon.

Police responded and homes on Jeanne Drive and two other streets were evacuated for hours as the Scranton Bomb Squad was called in.

“My husband called me, said don't bother coming home, they won't let you in,” said Simons.

“A lot of the people here work at Proctor & Gamble were working nights,” said Sharp. “My other neighbor said jeez, he wakes up to somebody pounding on his door, so you know you get a little excited.”

Children living in the development who attend school in the Tunkhannock Area School District were not allowed to return home.

They were taken to nearby Mehoopany Elementary School where their parents could pick them up.

“We got on the bus and then we went right back to Mehoopany after the kids were dropped off, except Washington Park,” said Alex Booch, a fourth grader at Mehoopany.

Police say the house has been vacant after the previous owner died some time ago.

Simons says that man was retired military and wonders if the fake bomb was his.

“When they said what house it was, I'm like, the guy collected a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff,” said Simons.

Once it was determined that the bomb was fake, that part of the neighborhood reopened around 4 p.m.


  • Dave M

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    To her a $ 1000 is just a dinner party to the working people of the real world it’s quite a bit.
    Just goes to show how out of touch these elite dems are!

  • JoAnn Baker

    Just for your Information – It is PROCTER & Gamble!!!! NOT Proctor!! Been there for 50 years and people cannot spell the name correctly and when I see it in Print it irks me to no end!

  • Snowflakes

    Growing up we made bombs. They were in the main sack with the sandwich, chips and beer.The 22’s were in the side pouches. So sad these days you nannied grups are so ready to call the cops. Anybody that needs a bike helmet to live threw childhood should just have died and spared us all the cost of your pathetic life. That resembles something from a movie prop, not a real explosive. Buy, you snowflakes wouldn’t know that. Please go play in traffic with your bike helmet, you will be fine. Trust me!!

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