Teacher Misspells Hillary Clinton’s Name on Student’s Letter; Gets Attention of Chelsea Clinton

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SUNBURY -- It's been an interesting week for Shawn, Shannon, and Mary Reinard of Sunbury, and it all started with a letter.

11-year-old Mary asked her sixth grade teacher for help writing a letter to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Her teacher, Benjamin Attinger, addressed the envelope and sent Mary home with it.

"Where's the 'Y?' And then I'm looking and wait a minute. Then I was just, 'Are you serious right now?'" Shannon asked.

Instead of "Hillary," Attinger addressed the letter to "Hiliar."

"I thought it was funny until I saw my little girl get upset and start to cry," Shawn said.

The Reinards say Hillary Clinton is Mary's idol. Shannon called Shikellamy Middle School about the letter, and the teacher told her he did it as a joke between him and Mary. He later apologized.

"I'm not going to argue with him. I'm just going to accept his apology and move on," Shannon said.

After the family's story was published in The Daily Item newspaper and picked up by national outlets, Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton heard about what happened and reached out through social media. Chelsea told the family where to send Mary's letter, and said she will hand-deliver it to her mom.

"So I've been in contact with Chelsea Clinton and it's unreal," Shannon said.

"I think that's awesome. I think that is the most amazing thing that could have happened," Shawn said.

As for Benjamin Attinger, the teacher who addressed the envelope, the Reinards are not mad.

"I absolutely don't think he should lose his job. He shouldn't get in any trouble. It was an honest mistake, a stupid mistake, one that shouldn't have happened," Shawn said.

Shikellamy School District did not comment and said it's a personnel issue.


  • trucker

    The clinton foundation collected billions for Haitian earthquake relief. Haiti never saw a dime but Chelsea, Fusion GPS got rich. When Dr. Dean Lorich said something he somehow committed suicide (or Arkancide) by stabbing himself with a steak knife in the chest….twice!

  • LOLZ

    The kid is 11 years old in 6th grade and doesn’t know how to spell Hillary her supposed idol’s name or address a letter? Somebody screwed up waaay before the intentional misspelling….which may be funniest thing I’ve ever seen. LOL 😂

  • silverfishimperetrix

    This is HILLIARIOUS. Even Chelseabiscuit stepped in to sooth the butthurt with a few neighs and whinnys. Slam those filthy, lying dem / libtard / commies every chance you get.

  • Smoke Alarm Guy

    What sad faces from sad Mom and Sad Daughter. Way to make your kid a victim Mom. Cry me a river whiney Sunbarians.

  • Local propaganda

    Children are being dumbed down because it’s the agenda …. the making of next generation of slaves.

  • Stop it

    Except you used about 20 words chief. I lived in Katy Texas. Same type. Just a matter of who you associate with

  • Trump 2020

    So this is our evening news now? Walter Cronkite would vomit transgender pussy hats right now if he had to read this crap! But seriously folks, where’s the story about the
    Athens Twp. bankteller who “allegedly” stole almost $20,000 from a 102 year old man’s bank account?

  • They don't report stuff that matters

    Talking about the fluoride or the heavy metals? It’s happening across entire country , entire world actually .

  • Bella

    This is disturbing to me. (I am a retired teacher, so please do not tell me that I am out of touch!). Never should a teacher inject personal beliefs into the classroom! Teachers must teach students how to think critically— to examine all sides of an issue, based on the facts. The classroom is NOT a podium for the personal political beliefs of the adults in charge.
    Teach this generation to think then, perhaps, in the years ahead we will will be out of this quagmire of deceit, hate and lies!

    • Local propaganda

      Unfortunately today’s education system is almost entirely what ruling class thinks it ought to be and that is government indoctrination, the making of the next generation of slaves.

    • Local propaganda

      They certainly should but teaching students to critically think is not in the agenda. Snap out of it.

    • Rusty Butterknife

      Hey, Bella! Guess what? Teaching isn’t “teaching,” anymore. It’s a process of indoctrination, sweetie. Now, if a student even whispers a disagreement with the trans-cultured-pussyhat-wearing-screeching-liberal agenda, they are singled out with notes sent home that they will serve detention because they aren’t following the program.

      School ain’t a place for learning, anymore. It’s all about raising up the drones for the hive. Say something derisive about the alt-left agenda, and watch ’em swarm……….

    • NEPAwasteland

      Exactly, when I went to school we were taught the facts, respected the Constitution, George Washington, and the US flag, none of this liberal brainwashing by socialist anti American teachers

    • 123 GO!

      They should probably start with teaching 6th graders spelling and addressing an envelope before they jump to something as extreme as Critical Thinking!

  • Allen

    Please WNEP!… She lost!.. Get over it… Nobody cares… She needs to just go away and retire from the public eye.

  • Dennis Umphrey

    Imagine the student has more common sense than a teacher, she is willing to get beyond the ignorance of politics to address a person she looks up to, so as far as the morons comments she did receive a response from the Clinton family!

    • really?

      If that poor child (or her parents) had any common sense they would have known the reasons Hillary lost the election, and why she is NOT a good role model. Geez, I thought kids this age were still hung up on ‘Frozen’ and not washed-up politicians.

      • Bella

        You sound so silly!!!! I feel sorry for you. Eventhough this is an eleven y/o child, she is still a child you moron.

  • Local propaganda

    Maybe start investigating these planes spraying sky all day almost everyday and report on that so we can figure out what the hell is going vs this kind of crap.

      • Local propaganda

        Exactly. Where is the experiment showing the earth is in motion? And that curvature is so obvious. It’s called indoctrination. Moon landing? Yeah ok and Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11. Gtfooh

      • Local propaganda

        Next thing you’re gonna tell me is were free people but freedom is only an illusion were given.. you need government permission to go fishing, drive motor vehicle, get married, leave country, fly on plane, own a business and countless other things.. immigration bill has buried in its 400 pages a soon to be required national biometric id card which in short of stripping more “freedom” will require getting government permission to get a job…. I’m sure you already know this.

      • Your tin foil hat is slipping

        You’re seeing a whole team of psychiatrists, aren’t you? If not, you should really consider it.

      • Local propaganda

        Get back to watching you’re programming, fine example of what we call sheeple says comment u have made.

  • Chamber Pott

    send her to a vile foul mouthed woman rally and give her a genitalia hat and tell her to stop cryin and transgender up. she’ll be ok. Poor little snowflake

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Exactly. The people who are educating them.

      The people that are educating them to think that someone like Hillary is all around “good” or letter worthy even.

      That teacher probably wanted to puke in his soup.

    • Local propaganda

      Children are being dumbed down because it’s the agenda …. the making of next generation of slaves.

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