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Plan to Stop Vandals of Little League Statues

WILLIAMSPORT -- A bronze Little League statue in Williamsport was victimized by vandals last weekend. It's the fourth time it was hit.

"First couple of times, we actually had people damage it and take the bat itself. This time, we just had somebody who as we saw on the video someone wrenched down on the bat," said Jason Fink, executive director of the Lycoming County Visitors Bureau.

"Again? Really?" asked Rachel Potter. "It's mind-boggling that someone would enjoy defacing something like that, that's causing no harm, iconic to the city."

"I think it's stupid that they are doing it," said Heather Tolodzieski.

Police are now looking for the man and woman who were caught on surveillance video damaging the property early Sunday morning.

The Lycoming County Visitors Bureau owns the statues and put in surveillance cameras last year in hopes of catching vandals. Now the group is taking it one step further and adding an adhesive inside that bat to make it nearly impossible to break.

"It's a highway bridge epoxy that will infuse into the bat to be able to keep it in place," Fink explained.

The bureau plans to have the batter repaired and back to hitting fly balls by spring.


  • Cowboy

    You catch (him, her or them) and you LOCK (him, her or them) UP!
    Make whoever did this PAY to REPLACE or FIX the Little League statue!
    The kids are out of hand today. You can’t spank your child today because of liberal laws.

  • 1992

    NEPA takes their youth sports EXTREMELY seriously. To say the people of this area like kids is so true yet so understated. Youth sports are life for these folks. Take that away from a depressed area like Schuylkill County, and you’ll have mass mental breakdowns. So, someone damaging that statue, a shrine if you will, that is dedicated to young boys in uniforms from all over the world…well, that vandal is going to have a whole lot of child lovers coming for blood. Weird place. If I lived there I’d get my kids far away ASAP.

  • Rusty Butterknife

    I have a plan to catch these idiots, and I’m going to outline every detail of it, right here, and they’ll never know what’s hit them……….. maroons


    They need maybe move that statue, maybe to the votech woods outside of frackville in Schuylkill county. Big youth sports fans including the pedo street roamers in that wonderful area.

  • DERP

    Why? Why does the media always have to inform everyone of things that should be kept secret. Hey everyone this keeps on happening, but we’re going to do this to make it a challenge for you the next time! STFU this should not be a story.

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