Paving Problems Plague Stroudsburg

STROUDSBURG -- A paving project in Stroudsburg has been pushed back and officials say it's due to overpriced contractors.

Many streets in were supposed to be paved last summer. That never happened but now work is scheduled to start this fall.

"Unacceptable," said Stroudsburg resident Anthony Kowalczyk. "They definitely need to get this done sooner. It's a high-traffic area and everyone is coming down here, cutting through Main Street so it has to be done definitely sooner."

Last year, the borough received $130,000 in state gaming money to pave Sarah Street.

"I know Sarah Street is a big deal and I, too, don't like driving that road," said Mayor Tarah Probst. "We patch it, but of course, patches only last so long. It is being done, it's just more expensive than what our engineer had told us."

Officials say the borough is not to blame for the reason these streets haven't been paved. the mayor says it's because they cannot find a contractor who will do the work for a reasonable price.

"We got the bids out thinking you know they are going to come in on what the proposed price would be and they were all double. So again, we are not going to pave a street on taxpayer money when Stroudsburg is landlocked so we couldn't do it on the proposals that we got, so we resubmitted them out again," the mayor explained.

Sarah Street, 1st, 2nd, and Washington Streets are now scheduled to get paved by late summer, early fall of this year.

Russell Van Why lives on 2nd Street and hopes to see improvements.

"They have to get the right price to get it done and other than that, I am hoping that they do," Van Why said.

Borough officials say because of a sewer line project that is going to be done from 5th to 8th Streets, Ann Street will not be paved until 2020.

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  • letscutintothenewpavement

    I have lived in this Cesspool called Scranton all of my life and these roads – every single one of the roads in this city – are worse now than they ever have been – ever!!
    Pathetic and insulting Cartwright’s full of baloney

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